Alright, let me give you a rundown...
Ever since I built my PC I've had a problem with it randomly restarting as if I had hit the reset button (note that the mobo pins for the reset button are not being used). Initially I had assumed it was a drive error so, I purchased a Kingston 120 SSD and reinstalled windows to it, using the previous drive for mass storage. Well the issue persisted and now Ive begun having minute long "pauses". Where in, I am still able to move my mouse curser even select items in programs but windows seems to just stop processing stuff if it makes any sense. Then after a bit everything comes back to life. During these pauses programs like Discord and Spotify will continue streaming and voice chat oddly enough.
Over a long period of time I've added RAM, Upgraded my GPU, added another 1tb drive, tried THREE different PSU's, swapped mobos, tried different power cords/outlets and reinstalled windows multiple times on the SSD. I've tried programs such as 'Memtest' and 'HDsentinel' and all results came back perfect. My temps are not high at all as I have more than adequate cooling.
(Side Note: I find the pauses occur most often just after signing in)