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Disk Management does not show the used/unused size since all files/folders in this partition are hidden and that's the reason why I ask you to run Partition Magic to show the used/unused size as shown above in post #38.
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No, this partition only contains the boot code in order to boot into Windows. A retail copy of Windows when installed, is only 100MB. However, Your version of Windows is OEM and this partition size (260MB) is customized by the manufacturer to contain additional code to run Diagnostic, Recovery and factory reset Windows via Function Keys.

Windows Updates are stored under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and will be run from there, extra folders will be created under C: drive ie. C:\Windows.old, C:\$Windows.~BT ... to configure the new build.
Well it's good news from over here as after running the WUMT (Windows Update Mini Tool) software to identify updates needed the ones for Microsoft Office and Windows were downloaded and installed while the updates for all the 'Drivers' that were identified were EXCLUDED.

The flat 'Plastic Box' with a bunch of 'Chips' and a 'HDD' inside is now booting up and working very well, so thanks for the offer but I will not be trying yet another tool to hopefully get to understand why I kept getting 'INNACESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE' when all the Drivers were downloaded and installed.

While for now and hopefully a long time to come with the assistance of Macrium and a good image which has been made.
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