Windows 10: have you disable Superfetch on your ssd installation?

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  1.    31 Aug 2015 #21

    Non SSD drive but the drive was used at 100% windows 10 all the time ( 90 plus %) disabled superfetch and its 0-20% now and the system seems snappy now
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  2.    01 Sep 2015 #22

    If you disable Superfetch on a traditional mechanical HD, you will lose all boot-time and launching applications improvements. It will get slower after a while. Too bad w10 RESETS Superfetch registry values after every bootup. Until w8.1 you could set EnableSuperfetch=0 to disable Superfetch but without losing Prefetch capabilities. Now, the EnableSuperfetch= value gets reset every time you log in into w10.
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  3.    01 May 2016 #23

    drugo said: View Post

    have you disabled Superfetch ?
    disabling the service Superfetch and regedit
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters

    Anyone checked EnablePrefetcher setting under Windows 10 Pro (1511)??? Because it is not working with Win 10! All over internet I see "tips" for this one, but it seems that nobody bother to check if this setting is still vaild for Win 10! It's not.

    NOTE: all my discs are SSD, if that matters...

    I'm IT pro, I know exactly what this should do (setting this to boot only with a value of 2 also not working) and it seems that Win10 totally ignore 0 and 2 values for this (tried in combination with EnableSuperfetch, same thing).

    In Windows 7 if you set this to "EnablePrefetcher"=dword:00000000 but leave Superfetch service on then in %windir%\Prefetch no NEW *.pf files were created (you could also delete folder content and it will not recreate after restart).

    But in Windows 10 TH2 if you leave Superfetch service on and only set
    restart, Windows acts as nothing happened, it still creates all those PF files for every exe that you start. Also, value of 2 should create pf for boot files only - not anymore, try it for yourself: set EnableSuperfetch and EnablePrefetcher both to 2, restart...values are still at 2 after restart (true restart, not "hibernated") - but it will still create pf for EVERY file you start, not only for boot!
    So I'm pretty sure that all over internet people are misguided with EnablePrefetcher tip when infact we should be looking for REAL way to disable *.pf creation with Superfetch on.

    P.S. the only way I could make Windows 10 Pro build 1511 not to create Prefetch\*.pf files is to disable Superfetch service. But I don't want to do that, I want to leave Superfetch service on but not to create pf files or at least to create them for boot only.
    NOTE: if checking this for yourself, please start some new programs after restart *and then restart again* and then check, otherwise you could miss seeing creation of new *.pf files.
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  4.    09 Jan 2017 #24

    Superfetch and Compressed Memory?

    First, I know this is a very old thread.

    Second, @testic--if you are anywhere around: You wrote above (already in reply to an old thread) "I want to leave Superfetch service on but not to create pf files or at least to create them for boot only." Did you ever figure out how to do this? Did more recent versions of Win 10 fix the problem you found?

    Third, has anyone noticed what happens to Compressed Memory in Task Manager:Performance Tab:Memory if you turn Superfetch off?

    As is often the case, it's hard to know the relevance of what is said in this thread, because as Win 10 evolves, they keep changing how things work. So we are no longer dealing with a stable "version" of Windows when we talk about issues we are having or how things work.


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