Small lag on Windows 10 while opening simple tasks

  1.    27 Feb 2018 #1

    Small lag on Windows 10 while opening simple tasks

    Good evening,
    I have recently bought a new laptop (aero 15 specs: 16gb ram, i7-7700hq, nvidia 1060 and 500gb SSD) and it is great in every aspects except one: windows 10 lags (for like less than 0,5s ) whenever i open some simple task like control panel, display settings or nvidia geforce experience, not all of them but some.
    The lag consist in the mouse being blocked and the windows (like control panel) first being semi-clear and then after like 0,25s becoming normal and operative. Since i think it's a software problem and not an hardware problem (all the benchmark are on point) I think i am going to do another clean installation (i did the first one right after the pc was delivered because of the bloatware).
    Do you think it's the right thing to do or am i throwing away my time? I mean is not anything important because the laptop runs smootly in every other istance. Is it going to solve my little problem or is it better to stick on the current situation?
    Thank you in advance
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  2.    28 Feb 2018 #2

    Hi, I can only guess. Did you notice this problem before you clean installed Win 10?

    When you clean install you will get whatever drivers MS deems good for you. It is possible that some difference in the drivers- e.g. the graphics driver- between what is delivered as part of the clean install and that supplied with your PC is causing the problem.

    If you retained the manufacturer's recovery partition- assuming there was one- you could try using that again for comparison.

    Another question relates to the Windows build. When you bought your PC, which Win 10 build was installed? 1607? 1703? 1709? (Anniversary, CU, Fall CU?).

    If you bought it with 1703 installed, it is quite possible certain drivers were a different version. Installing 1709 with different drivers could lead to the problem you are seeing.

    Another clean installation is unlikely to help.

    Some people have found with (e.g.) graphics drivers (and I can't say that's where your problem lies) they need to use an OLDER version, then protect that from being replaced.
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  3.    28 Feb 2018 #3

    I don't remember which build it came surely an older one, but now i think it's the 1709 because in the system information tool it says build 16299. So what you are saying is that maybe i upgraded the OS version and now there is a conflict between windows 10 and the driver, right? What could i do, should i try to use the recovery partition and get back the laptop to the factory settings or do I have to upgrade all the drivers? Should i wait until the driver solve this problem?
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  4.    28 Feb 2018 #4

    If you still have the recovery partition, then you have the option to demonstrate to your own satisfaction (or not!!) that the problem doesn't exist by restoring that and seeing what happens.

    If all is fine then, you can- as I recall someone else did- save a copy of (assumption!) the graphics driver then in use, which you can install later should you so wish.

    I suggest you note the version of the graphics driver (assumption!) in use currently for reference.

    At this point we have no certain way of knowing what the underlying cause is, of course. Just that the graphics driver is a likely candidate.

    You can then clean install again, then try using the older version of the graphics driver.

    Note- a much neater and faster way to do this would be to use disk imaging (which we constantly recommend people use routinely). E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + large external storage for image sets.

    E.g. Image what you have now, use your recovery partition, image your Windows then (should you want to go back to it), then restore your image of your current system.

    (Restoring an image is faster than a clean install and the subsequent large update etc).

    We have no way of knowing if a driver upgrade will solve this at some time in the future- or indeed certainty at this point as to the cause.
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  5.    02 Mar 2018 #5

    sorry for the delay. Unfortunately i don't have the manufacturer partition in order to get back to the factory state of this laptop. I tried to get back to the first point avaible and the problem still persists. What are my option now?
    Could i just unistall the current GPU driver and install the one that the manufacturer suggest in their site? Would this process accomplish anything?
    Thank you in advance
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  6.    02 Mar 2018 #6

    Hi, I may have missed it, but I don't think you've ever confirmed you've not had the problem, which I did ask about.

    We also don't know what build your laptop came with.

    As there are too many unknowns, I suggest you refer back to your manufacturer, and use the warranty.
    You could ask your supplier for recovery media if you think the problem did not exist when you bought it.

    Other than that you are of course free to try a older driver if you can find one, that being the potential difficulty.

    You can also look on the manufacturer's forum for similar reports related to your model.
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  7.    03 Mar 2018 #7

    Unfortunately i don't remember if the problem was there even in factory settings because i did a clean reistall of windows the same day i got the laptop. I found in the pc box the manufacterer CD that contains the recovery files, but this laptop do not have the cd reader, how can i do it? Can i plug an external reader and boot the pc from there?
    Also, is this the right thing to do, or it it better to stick with this little "problem" and go on?
    Thank you in advance.
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  8.    03 Mar 2018 #8

    Hi, it's really up to you how much time you spend on it or decide to live with it.

    Have a careful look at your CD. If it's only a CD, it will probably only be drivers and utilities. If so, it may contain an older graphics driver, which is what you need as a test. However, there's no certainty it's that.

    If you can get the recovery info - e.g. download from the manufacturer, and if you have a spare disk, you could put that in your laptop, and then use the download to reinstall your original build. Thus you can compare and extract a driver as necessary.
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