Hi there

Don't know how I got the sync thing working (enable files available offline) -- must have pressed some silly button but there's a whoppimg 70 GB on my C drive that I want to get back and I can't delete these wretched files

I tried the recommended way - but doesn't work :

1. Disable offline files in the Sync Center .

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Go to C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\ and take ownership of the folder.

4. Right click the CSC folder, and select Properties.

5. Click Security > Advanced > Owner > Edit.

6. Select or add your username to the list.

7. Tick Replace owner on … and click OK.

8. Delete the server folder that you want to remove from the partnership.

9. Reboot your computer.

10. Restore permissions on the C:\Windows\CSC\v....\ folder.

11. Go to the Permission tab and make sure that includes inheritable permissions from this object’s parent is checked.

12. Reboot and then check if the permissions are correct.

I've two choices left

restore from a previous backup -- or simply delete the folder by logging on to My Linux NAS and deleting via Root.

Any ideas and how do I stop this feature from enabling itself again !!!! (W10 X64 Pro).