Windows 10: RAM upgrade for EDGE, worth it?

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  1.    10 Feb 2018 #11

    Only 51MB hardware reserved.

    I've freed up 30GB on the SSD. I shall see but I still feel it's the RAM - That said it was time to do housekeeping.
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  2. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       10 Feb 2018 #12

    Yes it was well past time to do some house cleaning :)
    Did you run disk cleanup as administrator and get rid of some old restore points/ temp files..... ?
    Might run this too download it to your desktop and right click it and run as admin.
    TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer Download - Geeks to Go Forum
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  3. AddRAM's Avatar
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       10 Feb 2018 #13

    As I like to say Add RAM :)

    Are you saying your page file is 16GB ?

    Way too much.
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  4. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       10 Feb 2018 #14

    From looking at the disk management screen shot there is plenty of other disk storage so why the little ssd was nearly full is still unknown
    Win-10 is only 40gb's so obviously op is just installing too much stuff on it
    Habits need to change or change the ssd for a larger one :)
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  5.    10 Feb 2018 #15


    Yes. In fact I moved Desktop and Downloads to a different drive - it's now possible with 1709. System restore is disabled.
    Only thing I can't get rid of is 2.33GB of storage used by MAIL - I don't even have the Mail app!!

    C: is an SSD, I keep my app there. Everything else (Docs, music, video etc) is on the RAID.

    Eheh, RAM is always a good thing but I have the feeling that if I had 256GB of RAM, Edge will just use it anyway! :) I have the feeling it's the way Windows 10 uses the RAM: it doesn't free the RAM up proactively, only when it needs it - but I'm just thinking aloud.
    I could double the ram for 50 but as the system is 7 years old (still running very well I have to admit) I'm not too keen on upgrading existing component.

    I thought the recommended Virtual Memory size was 2xRAM=16GB. Anyway I put it back to dynamic, I believe it's ok with an SSD - would you agree?
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  6. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       10 Feb 2018 #16

    Dynamic disk heck no switch back to logical if that's what you were saying ?

    16gb's is a sweet spot
    256 ssd's are cheap barely over so one can not worry about house cleaning so much :)
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  7. AddRAM's Avatar
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       10 Feb 2018 #17

    Ya I don`t like Edge, I`ve always used Chrome, I don`t have any issues with it.

    But Mike is right, you have way too much on that ssd.

    What exactly did you switch back to Dynamic ? Your SSD ?????

    Or are you talking about your page file setting ????
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  8.    10 Feb 2018 #18

    I am talking about Virtual Memory settings. I have always set a fixed amount so Windows didn't have to waste time resizing the page file. That worked well with mechanical HDD's, not sure about SSD's.

    I know a new SSD is not a big investment but
    1. The system is 7 years old, if I invested in a new SSD I'd like an NVme - not a SATA and I cannot do that on the current system
    2. I am still not sure it would bring any improvements to be honest. I now have 30GB free. As you can see I have lots of free space on other drives.

    I don't doubt that 16GB of RAM is a sweet spot but my question is: would it help Edge? I have some doubts.

    Edge is, for me, MUCH faster then Chrome and Firefox. I can see when scrolling heavy websites: Edge is perfectly fluid, FF and Chrome are not (GeForce 460).
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  9.    10 Feb 2018 #19

    Clearly you are running low on RAM - I'm not sure where this drive space discussion is going. Even if your page file is on an NVMe SSD, access latency is still hundreds to thousands of times slower than RAM so ideally you shouldn't be using it at all for active applications. The dynamic/static sizing doesn't really matter.

    But you haven't posted what exactly is taking up all your RAM. In your earlier post you only showed 3GB in use by Edge, which is less than half of your 8GB. So you have to look at the other processes' memory usage to see if those are expected.
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  10.    10 Feb 2018 #20


    I don't see anything suspicious on other processes. At this very moment Edge is on 2.5GB, WhatsApp Desktop is 177MB and everything else is lower than 50MB - but you know, 50+50=100!

    If I close everything the system uses 2.2GB.

    I guess that Edge is just an issue - then I end up with Skype, WhatsApp and other apps. Maybe I'm just asking too much and a 16GB upgrade would work well!
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