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Partially WRONG. I have noticed slowdowns even on SSD if Superfetch is disabled. And don't talk about disabling Superfetch for mechanical hard disks. I did a test yesterday (HD) and I noticed a huge performance decrease. I was monitoring memory using Resource Monitor and, after a while, the memory map was quite similar between both setups (Superfetch ON and OFF).

Also, Superfetch doesn't damage SSDs as many people wants you to believe. So, unless is working bad for you, I strongly advice leaving it ON all the time.

For OP: Do you have W10 up to date? Could it be some driver having issues? Chipset drivers up to date?
Well I did a clean install of it, and I recently went to the board manfuacturer and grabbed all available drivers for it (same for BIOS). If it is a driver causing this odd thing where do I even start? Some drivers are dated from 2016, but I can't exactly go and find the latest and greatest for every single one of them because some are not even compatible, like the latest Intel IDE/ATA/ATAPi drivers are not compatible for my x99 board. Also, doesn't chipset drivers only add an entry? Does it really need to be constantly updated? Those I have are also from 2016, same as Intel ME.

I dunno, I doubt a driver is causing this to be honest. What driver is interfering with SuperFetch anyway? And shouldn't Windows find it and update it for me if it actually caused problems specifically for the creators update? I'm thinking of trying out the insider builds, but I'm hesitant. Might aswell wait for the official release of the next update, whenever that happens, April, May maybe? I mean as I wrote before, it's not unplayable, and some games doesn't have this issue. Mostly games that requires high memory streaming are having this issue because it struggles to fetch data optimally from standby. Once it's free it's smooth sailing.