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  1.    03 Aug 2015 #41

    Traijan said: View Post
    Yup, I've noticed the UI is a bit laggy especially the Start menu. I like for it to be snappy like in Windows 7 and prior but it almost feels like it's designed this way to make it look smoother at the cost of it appearing laggy.

    I can still run my games on all high settings and maintain 40 to 60 fps but the Windows start menu is just sort of laggy feeling for me. The first time I loaded into w10 this weekend I swear the first thing that came to my mind after opening the start menu was that I was going to have to go and find another Start menu replacement. I like the design of the W10 start menu but not the laggyness of it.
    Delete all the live tiles and shrink the menu so that it looks the same as Windows 7. I've done that since day 1 of the beta, so I've never experienced Start Menu lag.
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  2.    03 Aug 2015 #42

    owensdj said: View Post
    Most likely, Windows 10 didn't destroy your performance. The in-place upgrade did that. Doing a refresh reinstall of Windows 10 will get you back to where you were with 8.1, if not faster.
    I did 6 upgrades from Windows 7 and all of them are noticeably faster. There are probably some drivers that are still missing for 10, but overall it's not the case. If things are slow, try installing a video driver from ATI/NVidia/Intel and a chipset driver for your motherboard from your motherboard or PC website.
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  3.    03 Aug 2015 #43

    When I upgraded my NVIDIA driver, it was a noticeable difference in the lag for the better that is..
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  4.    03 Aug 2015 #44

    DSR1967 said: View Post
    I believe you regarding a fresh install but if I try that way, I get all kinds of errors including not recognizing my wireless adapter, graphics card Driver problems, etc.
    It seems as though the " in place upgrade " is the only way I can do it.
    I have a 128Gig flash drive, is there a way to use that to update instead? I tried yesterday with no success.
    Appreciate any links or information on doing a fresh install from 8.1 Pro with 250 Gig SSD and 1 Terabyte HDD cloned without it saying " unable to update "
    Go to your motherboard or PC site and download all the drivers onto your USB flash drive. If "Windows 10" is not listed, pick the highest version you can (as long as it is Vista or higher). Once you have all the drivers on your USB, you can clean install and then install each driver listed.
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  5.    03 Aug 2015 #45

    Did NVIDIA and going to do motherboard drivers from GIGABYTE now..
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  6.    03 Aug 2015 #46

    Thank you
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  7.    03 Aug 2015 #47

    DSR1967 said: View Post
    Edit: I just discovered that my 1 week old 1 Terabyte HDD was 27% fragmented as well as my 250 Gig SSD and am defragging both now.
    You should *never* defragment an SSD. All that does is put additional wear on it without any performance gain.
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  8.    03 Aug 2015 #48

    That works out then because apparently it's not possible. The HDD was tuned up though.
    My knowledge of Windows, how to spell it.
    Registered iOS developer and also Linux developer ( early stages).
    Thank you for that information though, appreciate it as it applies to more than Windows...
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  9.    03 Aug 2015 #49

    Apologies if I sound dense but can someone please explain EXACTLY how to do a clean install? I keep laptop in tip top order, regularly optimising drives and cleaning up files. I installed windows 10 directly from the windows notification once it became available so why all the problems? The laptop won't even switch off - once I select shut down although screen goes black the light stays on, even though I've been into the settings and selected it to shut down rather than sleep. After about 20 mins I end up holding down the power key until it's switched off properly.

    If clean install is quick and painless I may give it a try before reverting back to 8.1
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  10.    03 Aug 2015 #50

    I asked the same question earlier and nothing posted yet..
    If I have a little knowledge here, I believe that it involves using a flash drive to load all needed drivers for you're motherboard, video card, Wireless adapter and maybe optical drive to. Then using that flash drive to "flash " the update via USB port instead of the "Windows" Update that pops up...
    Maybe some someone can help more with this.
    I have a 128Gig flash drive and I tried to take the update that way at Windows recommendation with no success.
    Bottom line for me, it should be seamless as most of us are NOT computer professionals!
    Fortunately I have a Solid State Drive that I can boot 8.1 if I want so I'm going to keep doing that for now.
    27 hours straight trying to get 10 working right and I'm over it for now.
    Tomorrow is a new day. See where things are then.
    Best of luck to you
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