What things one should do after Windows 10 Clean install?

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    Wiindows 7 going to 10

    What things one should do after Windows 10 Clean install?

    Hello folks,

    My laptop was acting weird for few days so I had to do a clean install. I am trying to find the ways to set up the PC in terms of privacy and other minor things to keep Windows's performance as good as I can. (I have SSHD and planning to get SSD in future but until then..) I wonder if there is any list of 'things' that someone has compiled. I tried searching but probably I am not using right terms to search. Hence, I can not find anything significant.

    I have already made a few tweaks in personalization, turned off background apps, but what else I can do?

    In terms of privacy, I came across https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/tools-...vacy-settings/ I wonder which of this utility gives the best broad spectrum privacy settings? In an ideal world, I would like to block all telemetry, Windows update and other annoying features that MS is using to collect data on me.

    Many thanks in advance.
    (mods, pls move the topic in right forums if this place is not right, thanks.)
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    Before you make any (more) changes consolidate your position before anything goes wrong.

    Create your first (base) disk image- a compressed copy of the partitions comprising Windows on an external storage medium. E.g. USB disk.
    Recommended: Macrium Reflect (free).

    If you have disk image sets which you update routinely you can usually readily recover to a previous working state quickly and without technical help, often avoiding clean installs. This can let you recover from a failed disk, unbootable PC, ransomware, stupid or unfortunate mistakes... and so even help you sleep at night (!).

    Also why not make sure your disk is ok bearing in mind your comment.

    So-called telemetry should really be the last thing to worry about- you may stop things working that you don't want to stop working.

    If you think Windows Update is collecting data, then I suggest you consider Linux. There are other significant issues that can arise with respect to WU but that, I don't think, is one of them.

    I would check everything is functional - everything that needs drivers- and your resource use is very low when your PC is idle. Then configure Windows Update to Notify, set Active Hours.

    Plan your partition layout. Make sure personal data is NOT going to be stored on C:
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    Wiindows 7 going to 10
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    Thank you.

    Currently, not storing data on C: is not possible, but in future, I do plan that. I plan to get SSD and that will be used for the OS only.

    With the disk image, I have done that in the past with Windows 7, twice and both the time, it failed to restore the machine. Not too sure if I made any mistake both the times, but whatever info I could find, I read it through the second time to avoid the flop show that I had during the first time. I will give a try to this again and see this works in my hand.

    Honestly, I do not care about the telemetry because I do not understand a thing about it. I am just a user but since there is so much talk about it, I assume, it is something to be worried about. Since the Equifax hack and my card getting stolen, getting used at all Timbuktu places, I have gotten more alert to things like this.

    Linux, boy, you rubbed salt on my wounds. I tried a lot to switch over to Linux but the support you get for a 'techie' like me was so good that I haven't even bothered to even look at Linux in last 7 years. Since you cannot teach new tricks to an old dog, its not for me, period.

    The PC is working well. I have been using it for 2 days and alls good.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Currently, not storing data on C: is not possible
    - well, you can create more than one partition on a drive..

    Macrium has plenty of experienced users here if you need help.. the help file is very comprehensive. There are a couple of tutorials and videos here, and plenty on youtube.

    There are other progs e.g. Aomei Backupper, whose GUI is a lot simpler. Most regular contributors here seem to prefer Macrium as the most robust. (I've used both).

    Like anything, it takes getting used to, but once set up doing a differential image (think update, changes from the first one) takes about 9-12 mins, say, from a SSD over USB3.
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    This is always a good place to start, at least for me.

    Optimize Performance of Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    Uninstall Apps in Windows 10 Apps Features Tutorials

    keeps my system nice and perky, plus much more "me" if you get my drift.
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    I generally don't do much after a fresh install but I always relocate the user folders from c: to d: and thats about all.
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    I clean install without an internet connection, a lot faster,
    Then I've got 12 .reg files from @Brink that I use plus turn off driver installing via windows updates through group policy.
    After that
    Then I remove all but the store app with Power shell script.

    After all of that I install the drivers I want and portable .exe files to install.

    Then connect to the internet After changing my update settings away from Targeted the other is for business.
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