Windows 10: Anyone else losing overall speed from Bitlocker?

  1.    06 Jan 2018 #1

    Anyone else losing overall speed from Bitlocker?

    I have encrypted my drive 3 times, running a benchmark before and after encryption. I finally settled on 128 aes-xts default on Bitlocker. These tests were done with fresh installs of windows 10 home, and a windows 10 pro upgrade added right after with no other software installed on the computer.

    The hard drive, Seagate Firecuda dropped from 117% to 86% overall performance.
    CPU i3-7100 dropped from 71.5 to 69.2
    The Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics card dropped from 39.4 to 34.1
    Memory 8gb, no change.

    The computer went from 88th performance percentile down to 56th. What a hit. With Veracrypt 256 aes encryption, the performance drop on my Dell and Gateway computers was only about 1-2%. I could not even notice it. Where as my brand new Acer with Bitlocker encryption was so noticeable, it prompted me to bench it. I thought I had a virus.
    Bitlocker is a virus
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    I find it hard to believe Bitlocker would affect your graphics and CPU benchmarks. Which benchmarks are you running? I have a spare Bitlocker system I can play around with.
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  3.    06 Jan 2018 #3

    I used these two:

    I'm wondering if the upgrade of 10 pro could possibly be the problem, as opposed to a standard installation of 10 pro.
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  4.    07 Jan 2018 #4

    No significant difference in my testing.

    1. Reboot
    2. Wait 5 minutes
    3. Run Nova
    4. Run UserBenchmark
    5. Enable/disable BitLocker
    6. Wait for encryption/decryption to complete
    7. Go to 1

    BitLocker enabled:
                      Nova                          UserBenchmark
    Run     CPU   RAM   GPU   Disk     Proc   Graphics    Drive    Mem   
     1      555   268   704    78      80.5%   37.3%      77.4%    78.4%
     2      554   268   704    78      80.4%   37.4%      76.8%    78.5%
     3      556   268   704    71      80.0%   37.4%      78.3%    78.2%
    BitLocker disabled:
                     Nova                          UserBenchmark
    Run     CPU   RAM   GPU   Disk     Proc   Graphics    Drive    Mem   
     1      556   268   704    71      79.5%   37.3%      86.4%    78.0%
     2      557   260   704    83      80.8%   37.3%      93.7%    78.5%
     3      558   270   704    75      80.1%   37.3%      82.4%    77.6%
    Edit: This is on a clean install of Win10 Pro with all updates installed, all drivers installed from Windows Update except for manually-installed nVidia drivers.

    UserBenchmark (BitLocker enabled):
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  5.    07 Jan 2018 #5

    Thanks for your response.
    It must be my upgrade, very few others have reported any slow downs either. I can't find anyone with a graphics card problem from Bitlocker encryption, lol. Maybe I'll just encrypt the OS with veracrypt and use encrypted volumes.
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