Hello guys, i have a little problem with my brand-new laptop. After installing (clean install) Windows 10 (i think it's the latest version, from Microsoft website), along with all the drivers, when i'm entering Control Panel, for example, the mouse (touchpad or extern) have a 2-3 seconds lag, each time i start the application. Also when i'm opening Recycle Bin, for example. Also when i press the right mouse button on the Desktop (although i read here that it might be from the NVidia & Intel context menu for the graphics drivers). If it does help, i have 2 hard-disks, one SSD only for the OS, and a secondary 5400rpm HDD for data, which i'm using for personal stuff (documents, video, music, ...). What's wrong? Is it from Windows, or the laptop. The laptop's specs are good. Thanks and have a nice day!