Windows 10: Windows 10 (64 Bit) Problem Persists (Bad Performance)

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    Windows 10 (64 Bit) Problem Persists (Bad Performance)

    Hello TenForums,
    Lately, Iíve been having issues with Windows 10. First thing you need to know is my build: AMD Ryzen 1600, MSI Gtx 970, 1TB Harddrive, Not the best PSU but I got it with the last of my money left over as a last resort (1-2 years ago) Itís an AC 230v.

    So, 1 week ago I had Windows 10 OS running. Before that week it had been around 5-6 months without issues. Sadly, towards the end of last week it had prpblems in performance. Corrupt System Files, Missing text, Greyed out buttons. Then last week I did a Clean install.

    For 3-4 days everything was working fine. During that night I was sleepy so I shutdown my PC. Upon morning I woke up, powered it on to only witness Slowish Bootup. It had the loading ring go round once with the Windows logo above & again without the logo above.

    Due to my impatience & me feeling like this was a symptom of my problrm before, I shut it down hoping a restart would fix it. Now, It runs badly in performance. Even in Safe Mode with Networking it runs badly. I havenít tried it without Networking.

    Everything Iíve tried so far:
    Basic troubleshooting (clear files) Prefetch, %temp%.
    Virus scan ( No viruses found )
    Tried this solution which was where we went to MSConfig & went to ďServicesĒ. We disabled all while Windows 10 turned on the ones that were important. From restarting with this setup we found that the performance problem was GONE! I was happy but sad due to not having Network / WiFi on, and Sound was off too due to its service being disabled.

    Extra Info: when WiFi services are on I canít load up Computer Management or Device Manager & a few others. As it just gives me this Error: An Administrator has blocked this application from running, Publisher: Unknown.

    Other Problems with WiFi on: (All Services Enabled)
    Slow loading, Startup Slower, Login box slow to perform keyboad input when typing password, Start button slowly opens (sometimes does not), Google Chrome slow loading up (fails to load sometimes just lags) Other Applications slow to launch.

    So, we now know that its a service causing this problem. But we canít locate it. Can anyone help or explain to us what could be the culprit behind all this?

    Thank you,

    - LukeJR
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    Iíll be editing this whenever I need to update you all on the progress & other information based on the situation above.
    Update: Added more imformation. Windows 10 Support are charging me if I accept their help. And I also added a screenshot of what it looks like in Task Manager & yes it does have 100% Disk Usage.
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    All of those file corrupted recovery client processes can't be good. Prima facie, it looks like your system is bogged down trying to fix file corruption problems. If the affected files are OS-related, that would explain the slowdown right there. But just the number of them is scary, all by itself. Please do let us know how this plays out. Based on what I read about file corruption and recovery, I'd bet a repair upgrade install is called for.
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    Thank you, Iíll let you know the results. For now its looking more than likely to just Clean Install again! :/ Starting to hate Windows 10 xD
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    Just saw this story on How to Fix User Interface Slow Downs in Windows 10. If you're running Defender, might be worth turning off the Control Flow Guard as the article describes, to see if it helps. If it does, then you have to choose between better security and better performance. Go figure!
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