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    New Beast

    Hello everyone.
    I'm upgrading and building a new pc. Some back story is, I'm a professional designer and photog/videographer. Was thinking about going for the i-9 7900x. But I'm having a hard time justifying the price. If not that cpu, which one would b sufficient? Was also toying around with the idea of going amd...
    What's everyone's opinion?

    I'll b pulling over an m.2 drive from the current build, throwing in an additional 2 ssd's for scratch disks, and then depending on what the suggestions are for cpu, I'll be going 32gb or 64 gb of ram... I figure I either spend the additional 500 on ram or the cpu. Additionally I have the nvidia 1080 8gb card and throwing in some water cooling.

    But I guess I main question is the cpu
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    Do you use any pcie cards other than the graphics cards and do you anticipate adding any in the future? That is a consideration for which CPU to get. The i9-7900 has 44 pcie lanes, the i7-7820 has 28 lanes, the i7-8700K has 16 with usually 4 or 8 provided by the chipset, depending on which board you get.

    I would think with your work, the more cores the better. A seemingly often overlooked CPU is the i7-7820 which is an 8 core/16 thread CPU. I have often thought it was a good option and maybe one of the better options. The price of the 7820 is roughly the same price I paid for my 6 core 5930K a couple of years ago. But, in the end, there are more considerations than just the number of cores.

    Personally, I am an Intel guy and most likely always will be, but not an AMD hater. AMD makes some good performing CPUs at good prices. I think it also depends on what, other than your work, you will use the computer for. While AMD will do the job for your work well, I still believe Intel is still the performance leader with AMD still a viable option. Just my 2 cents.
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    Well appreciated sir. I'm thinking so myself as far as sticking with intel. As far as ur pci question.... The m.2 ssd drive will be installed there, unless the board I get supports otherwise. That was my other question. Right now I'm an Asus Maximus Formula Vii build. I have no problem sticking with them cuz I've had good results. It's just the reviews on some are baffling and I'm totally torn on which board to purchase with the cpu
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    If they are anything like the Z370 chipset, there are only a few differences between the Formula and the Code. I really haven't seen any reviews on them. I am kind of partial to the Apex, but it is more of a special purpose board. All of the boards I am aware of have M.2 slots. That shouldn't be a problem.
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    There are serious thermal problems with the skylake x cpu's
    It's tough for me to recommend one to anyone
    Kabylake x has some of the same thermal issues

    Might want to sit back and see what coffee lake has going for it thermal wise which essenbe is waiting on his to be delivered
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    I'm sorry... that's a little over my head. Which ones are those?
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    Disregard that... just researched it. Didn't realize they went by that name
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       30 Nov 2017 #8


    The only advantage i9-7900x Skylake x has is it is the last compatible win-7 platform which is ultimately why I bought it
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       30 Nov 2017 #9

    Mike, you know, not everyone overclocks like we do. Thermals aren't that bad until you try for the high overclocks. Not everyone lives in Texas or Florida either.
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       30 Nov 2017 #10

    Yeah but the 7900x default clock 3.3 is sadly disappointing even with turbo 3.0 enabled
    A basic clock is 4.5 and is hot even for a Corsair H115i to handle and 4.5 is needed to get any performance out of the 7900x
    Which still lacks beating my our i7-5930k benchmarks

    Here is the default clock with turbo 3
    4.3 and temps keeping in mind I have delided the cpu and a new mono block installed
    Intel Core i9 7900X @ 4299.92 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR
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