Hello all. I am wondering how much of a premium I am being charged for this custom laptop.

I know that system builders have to make their cheddar; however, I found out that MSI made this unit that Xidax customized. So, with that being said, I got curious and started researching similar MSI laptops within the same price points and configurations to potentially establish price to performance justification. Call me crazy.

$2198 out the door

My specs are; Processor; Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQClick image for larger version. 

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Moreover, I found a somewhat similar similar laptop on Amazon as far as price goes below.

Am I wrong, or is this beastly laptop for so much better? I found an MSI GT73VR on Amazon for $2,299.99. The specs on this thing are nasty!; (image attached below, as well as link attached)

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Furthermore, Xidax had told me that they couldn't even comprehend how Amazon was able to sell the GT73VR for that price considering its specs. Lol. I know the processor is slightly slower, but everything else is amazing.

Then again, the GT73VR is, from what I read, is about 2 pounds heavier at 10.6 pounds, it's more bulkier and takes up more of a footprint. Needs to be plugged into two sockets, etc.

The one I had made, shown above; nevertheless, is much thinner and lighter, but I just want to know if anyone else can find a similar spec laptop to see if, clearly, I probably should have paid $1,000 less for the same machine Lol.

More significantly, just in case anyone was wondering, my intentions aren't entirely to game. I will only be doing some light gaming. Everything else will be more application and multimedia heavy. I don't like waiting for loading or file transfers, hence the NVME and SSD I had installed.

Let me know!