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    Unwinder has posted 2 betas: MSI AB / RTSS development news thread | Page 184 | guru3D Forums
    • RTSS 7.3.4 Beta 5 Build 27325
    • MSI AB 4.6.5 Beta 2 Build 16293 (does NOT include new RTSS)

    As to both there is a lot of information regarding both AB & RTSS, read The Whole Page the download post is on.
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    Unwinder has posted RTSS 7.3.4 Beta 6 Build 27502: MSI AB / RTSS development news thread | Page 188 | guru3D Forums

    - Added new ScaleToFit application profile property. The property is intended to enable alternate offscreen overlay rendering mode and scale it to fit entire 3D application window while keeping original overlay proportions. New properly is aimed to simplify the process of resizing overlay displayed via DesktopOverlayHost on small portable USB displays. Please take a note that new scale to fit overlay rendering mode is currently supported for Direct3D and Vulkan applications only, and the only supported form of scaling is stretching. Overlay shrinking is not supported.

    - Added new environment variable based profile override mechanism, which is allowing the processes to override some application specific RTSS profile properties on the fly. New mechanism is aimed to allow DesktopOverlayHost to toggle new ScaleToFit profile property on the fly directly from executable and without physically altering the profile file.

    - Slightly altered Direct3D9 and Direct3D1x blending setups for offscreen rendering mode to make final blending result look identical for offscreen rendering mode in Direct3D9 and Direct3D1x

    - Improved DesktopOverlayHost tool:
    o Added "Scale overlay to fit entire window" option. Please take a note that new option is only supported when Direct3D renderers are selected and ignored for OpenGL renderer
    o Now you may click top left corner of DesktopOverlayHost borderless window to maximize it. Changing mouse cursor indicates target click area

    - Improved OverlayEditor plugin:
    o Added effective core/memory clock senosrs for NVIDIA GPUs to internal HAL. Unlike target clock, effective clock takes PLL resolution (e.g. physical clock generation step) and any forms of hardware clock slowdown/throttling (e.g. thermal) into account. Please take a note that in order to reflect throttling, effective clock sensors use averaged PLL clock counters during some period of time, so realtime effective clock changes are expected to be slightly lagged/delayed comparing to instantaneous target clock changes.
    o Added Ryzen 7xxx and Intel 13th generation CPUs support to internal HAL
    o Now hypertext editor field inside layer properties window supports context highlighting for native hypertext tags displaying some text info (e.g. <FR>, <API>, <EXE> etc). Now you may double click such highlighted tag or press "..." button to replace it with other tag or macro via popup macro/tag browser menu.
    o Now hypertext editor field inside layer properties window displays helper popup tag or macro browser menu when you type in <> or %% sequence. This allows you to select desired tag or macro visually from it instead of typing it in manually
    o Added new "Snap to grid" option to "View" menu. Previously snap to grid mode was used by default, but you could individually position/resize layers in absolute pixels by holding <Shift> during layer movement/resizing. New option is allowing you to disable snap to grid globally. <Shift> key can still be used, but now it inverts global snap to grid mode for individual layers (i.e. it works as before for enabled "Snap to grid" mode and allows enabling snap to grid just for individual layers if global "Snap to grid" option is disabled).

    - Switched to alternate digital signature for hooks DLLs

    - Updated profiles list
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    Unwinder has posted MSI AB 4.6.5 Beta 3 Build 16357: MSI AB / RTSS development news thread | Page 188 | guru3D Forums

    Changes list for 4.6.5 beta 3 includes the following features. Most of them were previously implemented in RTSS/OverlayEditor and now I just port them to MSI AB monitoring core:

    - Improved correction formula parser with data format conversion, rounding and min/max functions support
    - Added Intel Arc monitoring support
    - Added AMD Ryzen 7xxx and Intel 13th Gen CPU architectures support
    - Added OCMailbox based bus clock frequency monitoring for Skylake and newer Intel CPUs. Unlike traditional legacy timestamp clock based bus clock frequency estimations, OCMailbox provides support for overclocked BCLK monirtoring
    - Improved SMART.dll monitoring plugin. Added temperature monitoring support for NVMe devices, including the secondary controller temperature for some Samsung NVMe drives
    - Default clock frequency limit of volatge/frequency curve editor window has been extended to 3.5GHz. Please take a note that you may still customize the limits via config file if necessary
    - RTSS has been upgraded to 7.3.4 Beta 6
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    A new beta updated MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 Beta 4 Build 16358: MSI AB / RTSS development news thread | Page 189 | guru3D Forums

    Only get it if you are thinking of getting a future RADEON RX 7900 family RADEON RX 7900 family card, everything else is the same as the last beta otherwise.
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    A new beta RTSS 7.3.4 Beta 7 Build 27504

    MSI AB / RTSS development news thread | Page 189 | guru3D Forums

    - Improved OverlayEditor plugin:
    + Refactored CPU architecture detection implementation inside internal HAL to provide better soruce code readability, simplify the process of adding new CPU architectures support in future versions of plugin and provide unified Intel/AMD CPU architecture definition inside the database. Technically I could miss some previously supported CPU architectures during refactoring, so if your CPU related sensors were supported inside OverlayEditor's Internal HAL before and became invisible now - please report it.

    + MPERF/APERF based sensors are now forcibly recalibrated after resuming from suspended mode

    + Improved base (max non-turbo) clock estimation approach, now it is calculated on the most loaded CPU core instead of the first core. Base clock is used by HAL to derive estimated BCLK in cases when OCMailbox dedicated BCLK reporting interface is not available (e.g. when core isolation/HVCI is enabled)

    + Optimized OverlayEditor initialization time. Helper performance counters, used for alternate power user oriented CPU usage calculation modes, are no longer initialized by default. This allowed to reduce the plugin initialization and RTSS start time by approximately 500ms

    + Added PerfCap mask data source for NVIDIA GPUs. This data source duplicates combination of MSI Afterburner's original binary "Power limit", "Temeprature limit", "Voltage limit" and "No load limit" monitoring graphs and allows displaying them natively in OverlayEditor

    + Added new test(x,mask) function support to correction formula parser. You may use such bit-testing function to extract desired bits from bitmask, it is intended to be used in conjunction with new PerfCap mask data source to extract independent performance capping limits from it and display them as independent graphs

    + Now you may hold <Ctrl> button pressed in "Overlay data sources" window to show correction formulas used by each data source inside "Values" column
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    MSI Afterburner Developer Hasn't been Paid for a Year, Product Development in Limbo | TechPowerUp
    War and politics are the reasons. I didn't mention it in MSI Afterburner development news thread, but the project is semi abandoned by company during quite a long time already. Actually we're approaching one year mark since the day when MSI stopped performing their obligations under Afterburner license agreement due to "politic situation". I tried to continue performing my obligations and worked on the project on my own during the last 11 months, but it resulted in nothing but disappointment; I have a feeling that I'm just beating a dead horse and waste energy on something that is no longer needed by company. Anyway I'll try to continue supporting it myself while I have some free time, but will probably need to drop it and switch to something else, allowing me to pay my bills.
    Read thread starting here: 7900XT Power usage not visible? | guru3D Forums
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    MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 Beta 4:
    MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 (Beta 4) Download

    MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 Beta 4 download - Guru3D and MSI have been working hard on AfterBurner, today we release an updated revision of Afterburner; this application successfully secured the leading position on graphics card utilities.
    Saw this on guru3d's main site.
    The forum thread is getting too bullsh** political so I'm not surprised Unwinder didn't post there.

    The thread is supposed to be only for announcements, and when someone finds a bug in the current beta in testing, but the same thing there happens as in all our Windows forums, someone is too lazy to start their own thread, or what really nerves, does the TLDR and doesn't use the forum search function, and then fills the thread up with unnecessary stuff, making it harder to find what is actually in the thread.
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    Thank you for the AB update.
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