ThrashZone said:
Never would of considered a dell monitor personally :)
Let us know what type of ports it comes with all it stated was 1 hdmi
The Dell S2716DG Rev 04 has the following inputs:
G-Sync / Freesync-20170430_090355.jpg

and a good power rating:

G-Sync / Freesync-20170430_090429.jpg

This for the price is an outstanding monitor and it looks fantastic. Apart from the 1ms response (G2G), the 2560 x 1440p and the 144hz refresh this has got G-Sync. G-Sync / Freesync-nvidia-g-sync.jpg

Can't wait until i get my 1080ti (even thinking of getting the Auros

G-Sync / Freesync-aurous-1080-ti.png if my Zotac

G-Sync / Freesync-zt-p10810c-10p_image2.jpg

does not appear by mid next week to power this screen.

How it looks:

G-Sync / Freesync-dell-own.jpg

and with the Benq:

G-Sync / Freesync-dell-together.jpg