Windows 10: Asus system tuning? Bios.

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    Asus system tuning? Bios.

    Hi I have a asus z170-e mother board on windows 10. I bought my pc already made and overclocked. I have a I7 6700k at 4.0 ghz and overclocked to 4.5ghz. In the bios there is EZ system tuning which is set to normal. If I changed this to asus optimal will this effect the overclocked speed or will it be ok. I have changed it to see what happens with out saving it and in a graph it shoots up the performance. I was just wondering if it be ok to do and save with out system tuning messing with the already overclocks?.

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    sorry think I'm drunk this morning was meant to put this in Drivers and Hardware
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    Your i7 6700K should be able to hit 4.6GHz. overclocking with a water cooler. My i5 6600K hit's 4.5GHz. with my water-cooler.
    Try a trick I used go to Asus's support site for the Z-170 Pro Gaming and download/insrall it's version of AI Suite III and run it's 5-way Optimization.
    I'm not drunk, just recovering from surgery to rebuild a complex left ankle fracture and dislocation Tuesday & Friday.
    Wiah I could get drunk due to the pain from the cuts and numerous pins.
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    Would AI Suite III also interfere with the bios oc?.

    I bet you broke your ankle by been drunk in the first place :P.
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    No the 5-way Optimizatioon actually adds it's settings to the uefi/bios. It also can be set to be per-core overclock or all-cores overclock and it stresses your pc, until it crashes. You then restart your pc and it set's the last good overclock settings prior to the crash, and proceeds to check fan speeds and ram stress test, if you check the ram stress test box in it.
    It's pretty fail-safe.
    I found the Maximus VIII versions of AI Suite III to have bugs.
    The Z-170 Pro version of AI Suite III works on my Maximus VIII Hero and the bugs appear to be gone in it.
    The November, 2016 issue of Maximum PC had a cpu & video card overclocking guide in it. It had some Asus DIGI+ Power settings tweaks to add, too.
    I've got those settings going for my cpu and my Sapphire NITRO+ RX 480 overclocked higher to Video Speed:1450 and Ram Speed to 2150, using mV+60 settings and a custom fan curve.
    I use Folding@home 24/7 for a little over 6 weeks now and my pc has already earned over 12,250,000 points.
    That's with my pc being off for 4 days due to a hospital stay for a complex left ankle fracture & dislocation.
    Have no clue how many pins are holding it together, but the surgeon said I had the worst fracture he's ever fixed.
    Now, I get to re-learn how to use my left leg again.
    Fun 6-8+ weeks in my future.Atleast the 3 spots my ankle went through aren't ozzing blood now, after Friday's 2nd surgery on it.
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    skipper847 said: View Post
    sorry think I'm drunk this morning was meant to put this in Drivers and Hardware
    BIOS overclocking is almost always better than the auto overclocking programs. It may help if you would provide your system specs for the rig you are working with.

    I am going to move this thread to PC Custom Builds and Overclocking
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    My specs are already posted. It may not have my new keyboard/mouse listed. I can't remember if I added those. But now, I need to get away from my pc for a few hours. I just had my ankle operated on twice last week and can't put any weight on it, due to complex fracture/dislocation with pins holding it together. Only been out of the hospital for 21 or 22 hours now.
    2 at home physical therapy visits today.
    Have to get a ride to get my medicine for everything, so it doesn't get infected, etc. and then go to bed.
    I have to do my new ankle/leg exercises, as they're testing me on it tomorrow or Tuesday.
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    I don't want to really overclock manual as it already oced. I was just wondering if the asus auto tune will interfere with the overclock already. Or is asus auto tune in the bios like power options in windows it self?. Where if you choose different power option you don't have to change anything else in bios. If I changed asus auto tune to optimal will it over ride the already oced clocks?.
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    Specs updated in my system specs.
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    I've never used software overclocking, so maybe someone else can give you a better answer than I can. But, I believe that if you enable the Auto Tune, it will override your current system settings. You should be able to put a USB Flash drive in while in BIOS and press F12 and it will place a picture of what is on your screen on the USB Flash drive. You should be able to save every page in bios. You should also be able to save your current settings to a profile in bios, then you can restore them from that saved profile.

    But, if you have a good stable overclock now, I would just leave everything alone. You really should study and find out how to manually overclock yourself, if you are going to do it. I suspect you do want to try it or you wouldn't be asking. My best advice is learn about bios and the limits of safe voltages before you even try. The best overclocking advice I ever received was 'if you can't afford to replace it, don't overclock it'. It can be extremely dangerous to your computer, especially if you don't understand exactly what you are doing.
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