New PC build, buzzing noise when playing game  

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    New PC build, buzzing noise when playing game

    I finished building my first PC, and it seems to be doing pretty great for the most part. But when I was playing a game, I noticed a light buzzing sound coming from my PC after a while. I then closed the game and the noise went away after a couple of seconds. A little while later I restarted the game, and after (if I had to guess) 15-20 minutes, the buzzing noise came back. It's not super loud or anything, but definitely noticeable and kind of annoying, and so far only seems to be coming up while running a game.

    (updated my PC specs on my profile to show what I'm using.)
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    Not sure about your Heat sink Cryorig C7, never heard of it. Did you use the thermal paste that came with it ? re-apply with some good thermal paste such as Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Paste might help
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    Yes, I applied the thermal paste provided with. Is it okay to reapply so soon, though? Shouldn't there only be a thin layer?
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    Since the noise seems to only appear during game play, I'd first check the GPU fan/s. Looking at your build, you've got a few moving parts that can all rattle or buzz. Have a friend or family member monitor the inside of the opened case to try to pinpoint the noise source. Taking a wooden or plastic ruler or the like, apply some light pressure at different points when the noise starts. The noise could be a fan, a drive, or case rattle. Eliminate case rattles by removing both panels, and front bezel. Disconnect case fans and remove optical drive. This will leave HDD, GPU fan/s, and CPU fan, to examine independently; Make sure all are firmly secure in their mounts.

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    Some games are really CPU/GPU intensive and the thermal sensor detect high temperature then the fan speed will be raised producing more noise. Not all thermal pastes are the same, some can keep the temperature in check better than others. Also make sure that the heatsink is seated evenly on the CPU.
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    Milennin said:
    Yes, I applied the thermal paste provided with. Is it okay to reapply so soon, though? Shouldn't there only be a thin layer?
    I just put a dollop of paste in the center of the CPU and clamping down the heat sink usually spreads it out. That seems to also prevent any "bubble" that spreading can leave behind, a lot like spreading jam or butter on bread. I usually prefer Arctic Silver.
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    You could also try finding a program that lets you set custom fan speeds and see if you can create the noise that way, and when found you can try to limit the fan speed to below or above that level depending on if it helps. I just cleaned out a cpu cooler that hadn't been cleaned in 3 years and after reinstallation it began to partially rattle at medium-speed rpm's, i just leaned the back of my fingernail on its center and sort of jostled it back into place and it hasnt made noise since.
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    Buzzing during games

    :cool: have had same problem , Gpu was stressing with lower powered UPS, changed out UPS and no noise. Took awhile to see it was GPU.
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    Depending on the GPU, and the game you're playing.....higher FPS can cause coil whine....bad power delivery from a crap PSU can cause the same thing.
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