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I replaced the fans of both the coolers with Corsair ML120 Pro's to improve the cooling efficiency. The Corsair ML120 Pro fans can spin up to 2400rpm (2500+rpm as per the readings in the BIOS) / airflow 75CFM / static air pressure 4.2mm-H2O max. The stock fan of the CoolerMaster Masterliquid Lite 120 spin up to 2000rpm / airflow 66.6CFM / static air pressure 2.34mm-H2O max. The H150i Pro's stock fans only spin up to 1600rpm / airflow 47.3CFM / static air pressure 1.78mm-H2O max which is not very helpful for overclocking.
I agree, that high static pressure fans are best,
for use with water cooling systems.
As well as with any AIO liquid cooling solution.
A less efficient fan,
simply has to spin harder,
to generate the same amount of airflow, than a more efficient fan.
You either have less efficient cooling,
or higher noise levels.
Corsair's ML 120 Pro is a really good fan.
However, when compared to price and performance.
The Noctua NF-F12 120 blows it away, (no pun intended).
Still, you have really great temps.
Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be sitting pretty/cool for quite a while.