Windows 10: I have two Windows10 Pro PC's one 64bit one 32bit

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    Windows 10 pro build 1511 64/32 bit
       01 Feb 2016 #1

    I have two Windows10 Pro PC's one 64bit one 32bit

    My Question is can I install both hard drives in my Pc with out problems. Will windows automaticly Install the new drive and a boot manager or or must I do it myself. The reason behind it both my wife and I have desk top PC's her's is in our small second bed room and mine is in our lounge room because we have cable TV, Telephone and internet + a shared multifuntion wlan printer. my wife wants my Pc out of our lounge so I will simply extend the fax line to our second bed room and install her hard drive in my pc and put the rest of her pc into storeage. Can anybody help with info or advice that could save problems.
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    There are many ways you could do this and a lot depends on how many programs she has on her PC which differ from yours.

    To keep it simple and avoid a dual booting strategy why don't you just add your wife as a new account on your PC, then install her hard drive as a second drive so that she can access her files. Once she has got everything back into her account you can then use that drive as extra storage.
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    Hi Philc43, Thanks for you quick reply I was going to do that originaly but then I though of a couple of what if's like a sudden need for a second pc again. In any case I would like to keep her HD live and updated. The third reason is a personal one I do'nt want my wife pokeing around in my system and mucking things up. She is good at that I often have to restore programs of files she has stuffed up on her pc. PS Both pc are self built and hers is 2 years old mine is 1 year old. I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Win 7 Ultimate just after it was released. My wifes I upgraded last week. Best Regards Lennyboy Ex Australian/ Ex Brit
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1803 Build 17134.48 and W10 Insider Build 17672
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    Well, in theory, yes you can have a dual boot arrangement with W10 64bit booting on your hard disk and W10 32bit booting on the wife's hard disk but you still end up with the other disk being accessible to poking around as you put it. The other problem is that your PC may well require different drivers to run compared to your wife's PC (you didn't say if they were the same motherboard, CPU, graphics etc.) so you will run into problems trying to use the hard disk interchangeably. You would need to set this up yourself- it would not be automatic as far as I know and your wife's hard disk might not boot anyway due to machine differences.

    So to answer your original question I think you will run into problems trying to do this.


    1. Set up both machines in the same room, if you are not going to be working on them simultaneously.
    2. Have 2 user accounts on your machine, the files and personal stuff will be kept entirely separate (once they are all copied over) but you will need to install your wife's programs and apps on your machine.
    3. Buy a laptop as a second machine
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    Windows 10 pro build 1511 64/32 bit
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    Hi Philc43, I replied to your above post post yesterday but it seems it went missing. Both motherboards are by Gigabyte my wifes is a GA-970A-UD3 Rev 3 with a AMD FX4100 CPU and a Gigabyte AMD Radion HD 6670 graphics card, 1Gig memory and on board sound Mine is a GA-990AX-UD3 Rev 3 with a AMD FX6300 CPU and a HIS AMD HD Radion 6570 graphics card, 1Gig memory. Both have the same Gigabyte 9 series motherboard drivers obviously 64/32 bit. onboard sound drivers, network drivers, Ect and the latest device drivers.The only real differnces from a device point of view is the CPU, 8 Gb Memory for the 64bit sys, versus 4 Gb limit for the 32bit system it just wont reconise the extra 4 gb. and I have an extra USB3 card as I have more USB3 devices so therfore more ports.
    Your three suggetions are good ones however our second bedboom is too small for 2 desktop pc + the furniture and we need that for vistitors(freaquent). I can't afford to buy a new laptop even if I could one as fast as this pc I all ready have a old Compac Presario but it is way vway toooo slow even with Win10 on it also. I still can't see a problem with it as long as the Bios in my pc reconises and accepts the second drive then windows should as well just as it would with a drive with Win7 or Win8.1 on or am I mistaken???

    Again thanks for quick reply and suggestion sorry I'm being hard headed. Best Regards LenM= Lennyboy15
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1803 Build 17134.48 and W10 Insider Build 17672
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    Hi Len,

    Yes it certainly looks as if you might be able to pull this off, the specs for both motherboards look similar enough that your wife's hard drives might just boot up on your machine. The CPU differences might cause a problem with drivers but hopefully it will sort itself out. You are right about the memory, its likely that with the 32bit you will only see 3GB usable memory. (Note: there is a way you can go from 32bit to 64bit if you are prepared to do a complete clean install on your wife's hard disk).

    I'd be interested to hear if it works!

    Make sure you take good backups and system images before you do this so that you can return to where you are if anything goes wrong!
    Last edited by philc43; 03 Feb 2016 at 08:05. Reason: added additional comment
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    Hi PHilc43 that sound encouraging. I have no problems with doing a clean install on my wifes hard drive and changing it 64bit it would make thing simpler anyway. So Ok HOW do I DO IT???. I suppose I could download Win10 Upgrade on my pc manualy save it then reupgrade my wifes pc but would that work??? but if that NOT the way to go PLEASE let me know!!!!!!

    I allways do regular backups and so far they have been v good I dont use Windows backup but Paragon HD manager Pro's
    its allways worked for me and properly. With Win backup it allways comes up with errors even befor its finished

    Best Regards....Len Manners= Lennyboy15
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1803 Build 17134.48 and W10 Insider Build 17672
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    Here is a thread that talks about it:

    You can use the Microsoft Tech Bench to download the correct version if you wish making sure you match the version and language, or use Media Creation tool on your PC to make sure it is 64bit and ensure you create it as media for another PC. I prefer the Tech Bench route since you get a W10 ISO with an install.wim file that you burn to a DVD.

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    HI Philc42, I will give a go and let you know how it goes. Thank you ALL THE BEST ......LENM
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    Hi Philc43, I did a clean install today I had hoped to do just an upgrade to the 64bit ver but that did not want to work so I did a full install and am the progress reinstalling all the third party programs like antivirus,Ccleaner,my HP printer and software.Ect Ect lucky me. I will let you know how it goes when I stuff the HD in my pc but now I think the will be no problems

    All The Best...LenM
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