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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit Version 21H2

    maranna said:
    I appreciate the list.
    Some parts may include features which am not aware of.
    I may have to sacrifice either some on the processor or motherboard or ram to get features unless they come with these.
    I know I need Blue tooth. I would like to remove the video card in case it was no good. I was led to believe integrated meant built in to the MB which I would not want.
    I currently have i5 and it's pretty fast - 3.30 GHz
    This would be a sata not SSD correct? Perhaps I could get a small SSD with another sata to go with it.
    It is hard to keep going back to check without losing my post. My memory could be better in my head.
    I need 3.0 or 3.1 USB. I also use DVD's a lot.
    I will look things over again in the AM and thank you for your help. Post # 13 says it well..
    Bluetooth you can use what is called a Bluetooth adapter which plugs into the USB port, pretty much the way.
    Integrated is built into the motherboard, can buy PCI slot card now or wait if you want, need to make sure Board had integrated, this would only be the fact if need to lessen the cost for now be same for audio device.

    Can stick with Intel i5 if it suits your needs, but some may feel be ahead of the game a bit go to Intel i7. SATA is generally refers to the types of cables and connections that follow this standard for Drives and on motherboard compared to IDE.

    Mentioned before you wanted USB 3.0 most boards will have it and is backward compatible to USB 2.0, but some devices require to only use USB 2.0 (e.g. most mouse and keyboards). Most motherboards will have both USB types and some PS2 ports.
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    I posted the list because it makes for a very good system and it is within the price range you mentioned. It is just a list to look at as a starting point. It does have a dedicated Graphics card. Integrated graphics is in the CPU, not the board. A dedicared card has to fit on the board to work, but can be changed. It also has USB 3.0 built in.
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    Nope, @essenbe, you found an older iteration of what I eventually did. @maranna what will the pc be used for?

    Here's an example I just did, without logging in to PCPartsPicker: Intel Core i7-6700, EVGA GeForce GTX 960, Fractal Design Define R4 w/Window (Black Pearl) - System Build - PCPartPicker

    build pc-pcpartpicker_sample_20160131184837.png

    Now, it's a mid-tower ATX case, not a full tower; full can be pretty big for some, but the larger case makes it easier to work inside. This case has a window.
    The i7 6700 Skylake is the latest Intel chip - might as well be on the bleeding edge!
    The ASUS Maximus VIII Hero MB takes 32GB max RAM (4 slots total), but you can start with 16 (2x8) and it would be fine. As mentioned above, you can always add more later.
    Now, the MB will have integral NIC for ethernet connection and integral sound connections, so you can hold off on a sound card and NIC card. It also has HDMI and Display Port connections for a monitor. The separate graphics card has 3xDisplay Port, 1xHDMI, 1xDVI-I and supports up to 4 concurrent displays. So, you can hold off on a separate graphics card, unless you're gaming.
    The power supply is fully modular, and I think these come with a 10 yr. (5+5) warranty.
    Use the SSD for the OS and programs; put your user libraries on the 1TB spinner-makes it super fast!

    So, leave out the graphics card for now and you're right around $1000.

    Then add in a W10 x64 OS. If you buy a retail version, it is transferable in the future.
    Bluetooth: get a USB adapter to plug into the rear.

    The CPU cooler will come with a tube of thermal paste. The chip will also come with its own cooler, but you don't want to use that.

    Use your old monitor until it dies. Watch for sales. Go with 23" or 24"! You'll need a DVI to HDMI adapter to use it connected to the MB while you save up for the separate graphics card.

    I had a problem with "fax". My older system that I replaced had an internal fax card - I could not put that in the new rig. But most AIO printers have a fax function, and that's what everyone uses now.

    I am surprised you have a 64-bit version of Office - are you sure about that? MS don't recommend installing 64-bit Office unless you have a really good reason for it. Please double-check on that.

    Once you have your system designed, pick one store you can get everything from, that has a good return policy. @essenbe recommends Amazon. I used a local superstore called Microcenter, only because they are relatively close to me, had comparable prices, and a good return policy. Then make your purchase all at one place. If you have any defective parts, it makes things easier to deal with than parting it out all over the place.

    Use PCPartsPicker to select your components. It will only show you compatible parts. The only thing you may need to worry about is the height of the CPU cooler. Just run it by here before you buy.

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: Use the DVD Optical Drive from your current system, so you don't need to buy another one.
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    You all are great -thanks so much for all the work.
    I hope it is normal for a person who has never done this and knows little about hardware to be a but over whelmed and confused.
    1-I use the PC to write emails and surf. However, I also image to external drives and install OS's when necessary.
    I can run all the DISM commands to repair when SFC fails. I can create partitions and shrink them.
    2-You are right about my Office 2010. Even MS has conceded that Dell installed the 64 bit and it won't install with the regular 32 bit.
    3-I do not do any virtual machines as they have been unsuccessful.
    4-I do not need a lot of high end components to perform my tasks.
    5-I burn a lot of pictures and videos that I upload to my PC and also copy pcs therefore I need two bays.
    6- I can send faxes with Windows 10 but the phone modem is better -not a big deal.I really wanted the full tower which is transparent if possible but I cannot find one.
    7-I think my current tower is 16" but it is hard to work in -that's Dell.
    8. My monitor is about to go anyway as it flickers when booting and is off center at times = 8 years old.
    9- I am keeping this PC for my grand children.
    I have given you incidental information so if you are so inclined you can get a better idea of where I am coming from. Personally, I am doing my last hurrah as I am 76 and have lost organs to cancer-kidney and lung and it went to my bladder where it is being treated. I have pretty bad pain and am on meds that slows my cognition down. However, I feel I have enough moxie to do this if you have the patience -I would understand if you begged off.
    I tell you this so you will get a better picture of what you are dealing with.

    !!!!Post 13, which I refer to, says what I would wish for. How much of that am I getting or missing?
    I do understand about Bluetooth; it it came in both my desk and laptop until I upgraded than I lost it.
    I will keep reading your information to better understand it and see if you want to modify some of the builds?
    My last question is, mechanically, what is the procedure? Do I take one of your builds and shop around for parts, or, do I go to PC PP and Micro Center for the parts and tell you what they are? What is next?
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    maranna, I would suggest you start with the system listed in @simrick's last post. Build it with PCPC. Then start researching the parts and components. It is the features you are concerned with. Bluetooth, as already mentioned, can be done with a USB dongle. The motherboard features will be listed here It will list all of the features. Do not be concerned about the gaming and overclocking features. They are features you will not use. However, because it is built for those things means it is built better and, should last much longer than many other boards. You can do the same thing for every component until you find the ones you want. The list simrick posted will make a very good computer, but it is just a starting point. You will be able to swap any component you want to. The phone fax, I would imagine will end up being an add on card, which are pretty inexpensive. The board should give you plenty of USB ports. The overwhelming majority of the features are built into whichever motherboard you choose. Right now, you have every option available to you. You can change everything and anything. You can change the graphics card, for example, if you want better graphics or if you want lesser graphics. I suspect from what you said your computer use is, the card in simrick's list is more than you need. However, it will do anything you want and more. The graphics card in the list is an add on card and can be changed any time you want. After you feel like you are close to getting what you are looking for, I would start shopping and keeping track of parts, prices and locations. Microcenter is a good choice. They have a good return policy and their prices are usually in line with most everyone else. Just think it through, don't get in a hurry and do your research. While doing this, if you have questions, ask here. Someone will be happy to answer. You will get different opinions from several people. That is good for you. It tells you your options and why. The final decision is yours. Look at it as a learning experience. I hope this answers some of your questions.
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    Windows 11 Pro

    See if this helps or gives you any ideas.

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    Using simricks.s build and those great videos you sent I will have enough to keep me busy for a while. It will get me oriented as to what I do.
    Thank you very much for taking te time, patience and effort.
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    Peter, any questions you have, please feel free to ask. There are a lot of people here who are more than ready to help you.
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    You already did your share essenbe. I have to mull this over to see if I do have the moxie to coordinate. I will be in touch as I never started a thread I did not finish as a courtesy
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit Version 21H2

    maranna said:
    You already did your share essenbe. I have to mull this over to see if I do have the moxie to coordinate. I will be in touch as I never started a thread I did not finish as a courtesy
    You figure this one is finished, since have thoughts on a new one ?
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