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    Oh! Can I chime in here?
    How exciting! I just built my first rig 2 months ago. PCPartsPicker helped for the the compatibility issues - it won't let you chose something that won't "fit". Okay that problem is solved.

    If you're familiar with replacing components (cards, hard drives, optical drives, etc.) then you've got the mechanics down too. I was scared to death about connecting the CPU cooler to the chip, and the thermal paste required to do it - THAT was my sticking point. I was going to buy my own parts and have the local shop assemble it for me.
    @essenbe was my mentor (can I divulge that? ) although there are plenty of people here to help you out if you get stuck on something. Just read the Motherboard manual, mark the pages you'll need to refer back to when making connections, and watch the video before you take the plunge.
    @essenbe - do you have the link to that video?

    You'll be quite please and satisfied with your accomplishment! It's nowhere as difficult as it might seem. Quite the contrary! And, you won't feel tied to repair shops every time you need something done - you'll be able to do it yourself!

    Additionally, DIY parts have longer warranties than OEM systems - another big advantage.

    Please post your PCPartsPicker link once you have decided on a configuration, and let everyone have a look, and make recommendations for you. Don't skimp because of lack of funds - hold off on some parts, if you need to, so you can get the best. For instance, I put off my graphics cards for a bit, and just used the integrated graphics until the funds were available to purchase it. I still need a sound card, but that can wait, as the MB sound connections work just fine for now.

    Good luck and have fun!!!

    p.s. what's about your Office software? If you purchased Office, I believe you can transfer it to the new system - why wouldn't you be able to? It's not like an OE OS license, which is tied to a specific machine.
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    I can list what I think I should have then maybe someone can tell me if I am on the right track.
    I am not a gamer but would like it to be 64 bit.
    I may have to modify choices as I am directed but this is what I had in mind. Please let me know if I have forgotten something. I read where some CPU and GPU units and heat sinks come preambled. I have seen them pasted all sort of ways but it would be nice if they were assembled - I think. I am not sure about this.

    1-Blue tooth
    2-SSD - I think it is 250 GB and should I get another sata drive and what size? I am willing to add it if deemed advisable. That would be 2 partitions correct? I am planning ahead regarding my 2 WD external drives for imaging.
    3-USB 3.0 - 6 ports - I don't think I need 2.0 as 3.0 is backwards compatible - right?.
    5-video - is NVidia good? I have it now. Does integrated mean you cannot take it out. I would like a card I can replace but am not sure.
    6-I would like a phone modem so I can fax
    7-Would it be wise for me to get my own copy of Windows 10 x 64 retail instead of with the PC?
    8-I have 2 Bose speakers
    9-I would need a monitor as mine is going. I guess 22 inch and DVI sounds right
    10-Would 16 GB memory be right or is it too much
    11- I have M.S. Office 2010 but I don't know if it will work with a new motherboard. It is MS Home and Student 2010 64 bit only[it won't work with 32 bit] and it came preloaded on my Dell. To reinstall I either use a disc I made and enter a key or got to a site and enter the key.
    12- Is it possible to get a clear tower so you can see the PC s internal workings?

    Well I guess that is all I can think of. Can someone please modify this list realistically and tell me how to go about this with the online store in the link in this thread?

    Is this a system where I register with the store and they send me parts and this forum advises me as to what to do, or, do I register, pick out a computer and order the parts of my choice - when stuck come to the forum? Or do I just start picking parts without a template and see if it is compatible?
    Thank you
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    @ Simrick - you have a leg up on me b/c I have only replaced memory and a hard drive.
    I am confident with my software but have not had much experience with hardware. I built homes , repaired cars, and reassembled a Seth Thomas old clock. But that was 40-50 years ago. I would like to give my last desktop a try. I am happy for you that yours came out well. Did you use a drop of Arctic Silver or a straight line or how did you apply paste to the GPU and CPU?
    Did you have to send any pix to the forum for help?
    Did you start by going to part picker or here? Do you have to pick one of parts pickers PC sand modify it or can you build your own.

    This sounds odd but I wanted a clear tower so I can see the internal workings. Is that available?
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    Peter motherboard should be your first thoughts of a purchase along with a CPU. If looking to take any parts from existing PC, like SSD, DVD Optical Drive and your monitor. Do not worry about monitor yet, can use one you have. Then can purchase a case. Most new motherboards will have what you need USB 3.0 and some now have USB 3.1, yes backwards compatible and also have UEFI BIOS. Motherboards will have built in Card for internet (not sure about faxing capabilities with certain ISP's). Even 8GB of RAM would be plenty for now, as can always add more later.

    Do not jump ahead on certain components yet, main ones first are Motherboard and CPU, most likely your biggest expense. Video cards and sound card can be built into most boards now and as said can use those temporarily as you can afford for now.

    Check Newegg get some ideas on boards and CPU. Yes possibly hardest part is applying thermal paste, but there are options as some CPU Coolers come with it applied already.

    Need to decide do you want Intel CPU or AMD CPU motherboards
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    @ essenbe
    It appears as though the cross method was the best but used more than a pea or grain od rice size?
    The videos I watched on YouTube used alcohol and eye glass cleaning paper to clean but the Arctic material seems to be recommenced?
    So when I do this, use the Arctic material and a pea size in the middle -OK?
    Do I now go to the parts site and start there or .....?

    Thank you for the 2 demos.

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    @jds63 - So the Pick parts is not the basic guide?
    I should just randomly pick a motherboard and CPU? I thought the PP site was to ensure compatibility.
    As I said my software is above average but I have next to no knowledge of hardware so it is like being blind looking around at sites. I am unsure of this process as far as coordinating efforts goes. Some parts range from $50 to $500 and price is no way to shop i have to have some knowledge of what I am selecting and if it fits into what I am building.
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    Just giving you an idea of prices, when it does come down to it you have an idea,PC part Picker site will most likely have NewEgg as a reference. If read about the motherboard specs on NewEgg it will tell you about the type of CPU can use. Software going to do with bit of OS, compatibility of the OS and amount of RAM needed to run it mostly to be a concern now, you know you will have Windows 10.
    Why we are here guiding you on parts to.
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    I tried to register with PC PP but never got an email from them so I contacted them to ask if I should register again.
    Because New Egg is found a lot in PC PP maybe I should pick parts there. That way I can pick a motherboard and CPU.
    I'll look for a motherboard and CPU as you suggest.
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