CPU upgrade no post

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    CPU upgrade no post

    Okay, so I decided to upgrade my i3 CPU, with a i5, swap over when with no issues, but when I tried to reboot I had no post or graphics... Full breakdown below

    System Spec:
    Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M PRO
    Ram: 16GB
    OS: Window 10 Home
    Version: 10.0.19045 Build 19045
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeFroce 210 1GB DDR3 PCIe

    1) Removed the old CPU (Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240T CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz) and used compressed air to clean out a multitude of dust and crap,
    2) Reseated the new CPU Intel Core i5-2500 3.30GHz
    3) Applied thermal paste installed heatsink and fan
    4) Powered up (No post and no graphics appeared on screen)
    5) I Tried connecting to onboard graphics still nothing
    6) Removed the i5 and replaced this with the old i3, and it all came back on

    So open to any suggestions
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    That CPU was supported since that motherboards first revision but regardless if you have not then try flash the bios to the latest one.
    Also try resetting the cmos.

    Both these avenues are slim given the context and not really relevant but if you are out of option try these on a whim you never know like got to cross your fingers at this point by the sounds of it otherwise its not looking good imo.

    What is the history of the upgrade part? did you just buy it online so you can upgrade? if so it might be worth getting a refund so you can source another one.

    - - - Updated - - -

    it shouldn't matter because at boot the computer will know where to display but try without the GPU installed onto the motherboard.
    Also inspect the pin contacts on the CPU and possibly clean them.
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    Thanks, Malneb for responding and your suggestions.

    Here is an update which I forgot to add, in my process list.
    4a) Removed the CMOS battery, jumped the motherboard
    4b) Removed the GPU and tried to boot
    History of upgrade, taken from working machine, seller has offered refund, so I don't believe it's the CPU.
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    The MOBO and CPUs are 11 years old and thus near EOL.

    It is a 12 years old replacement i5 and not really an upgrade, if at all.

    Such a used CPU of that age has no monetary value.
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    Thank you Hemut for your input and yes I know how old the machine is, sadly it was the only upgrade I could afford, CPU cost me £10, I just thought it would increase the speed.
    I just yes the PC for surfing and writing, so I was not looking for something with blistering speed.

    I did check the CPU compatibility and it seemed correct, maybe I have it wrong and it's just not compatible.
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    Perhaps you have to force the PC to boot with internal graphics in BIOS? Or perhaps, you have to shut off the internal graphics to enable the PCIe GPU to display? We have a bunch of old Intel PCs at work and they exhibit all sorts of weirdness with the CPUs and internal graphics.

    Check all of your BIOS settings and set them to default. Then play with the IGP settings and see what happens.

    I forgot to ask, do you at least get a BIOS screen?
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    Thanks, catnip for your reply... In answer to your question "I forgot to ask, do you at least get a BIOS screen?" No I get nothing on the screen so no access to the bios, which as you have stated would have been half the battle.
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    old hardware can have some attitude
    Disconnect everything, power.. disks, external drives remove the external graphic card.. remove the cmos battery (check the health status while its removed or get a new battery wile you have the machine "disassembled")
    hold in the power button for 30-60seconds(goes more for laptops then desktops) but it make the computer suck out the remaining power from the capacitors in the PSU.. or better Leave it over night.

    When it is time to boot up the computer, while it's still disconnected first put in a cmos battery, then connect the power and keyboard.. no harddrives, no external things, no external graphic card..... just the internal graphics connected to your monitor and the keyboard.
    let it try boot wait up to 2 minutes before you considering hard shutdown (power button 3seconds) then redo the same procedure two three times.. Then it might boot in to bios.
    I have had this trouble on Gigabyte motherboard when downgrading CPU.

    Edit.. some typos as i was thinking in swedish and writing in english
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    Trebor58 said:
    I did check the CPU compatibility and it seemed correct, maybe I have it wrong and it's just not compatible.
    The CPU is compatible the platform is 1155 which i5 2500 is 1155 socket @Helmut it is an upgrade 3.3ghz base over 2.90 base. With only 2 cores 4 threads on the i3 and 4 cores 4 threads on the upgrade, it is also legacy which means so its not close to EOL it is EOL.

    people are still using 2500's now its still a common platform as it can handle quite a few different workloads no worries and some gaming still.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Marie SWE said:
    When you boot up the computer put in a cmos battery.
    This may be just a typo i think but don't do this when the PC is on.
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    Malneb, I do appreciate your input but I am not sure what you are saying, as I said I know you are right in regards to the system being old, and EOL but it's all I can afford at present... Having had to beg for bits and pieces to put this together, sadly beggars cant be choosers.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you Marie SWE, for your suggestions I will give them a try tomorrow, and report back.
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