I ordered a second Xeon processor for my Dell Precision T5600 Workstation. It matches the one that's in it, ordered the heatsink and fan, and ordered matching memory, so parts wise I should be set.

My eyesight is poor and I am real worried about installing the processor properly. Mainly, I am terrified of bending pins and ruining it! I have been searching for any kind of diagram that shows where the triangle is on the socket but have not been able to find one...

Tried YouTube as well but still nothing that clearly shows the correct orientation. Does anyone know where I can find a diagram that clearly shows where the triangle is on the socket? The last thing I want to do is break this thing! I have upgraded everything else and it's the nicest computer I have ever had.

- - - Updated - - -

The solution was amazingly simple! I was watching a video and noticed the locating triangle is printed on the retaining clip in black. Problem solved!