PC Case Cooling - Glass v Metal  

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    PC Case Cooling - Glass v Metal

    Hi people, asking this question because search engines provide ads or reviews rather than what I'm looking for, which is ...

    I have a COOLERMASTER SILENCIO S600 QUIET MID TOWER CASE. Originally the main side panel was metal but I ordered a Glass cover from Coolmaster.

    Shortly after, I started hearing a one of the tiny fans (on the chipset, on a ASUS® TUF X570-PLUS GAMING (USB 3.2 Gen 2, PCIe 4.0, CrossFireX Motherboard) spin up hard and produce a loud whine while is lasts for about 10 to 20 secs. Its very intermittent with no obvious pattern. Sometimes happens during gaming, sometimes when idling for hours.

    There is every chance that the GTX graphics card which is long and directly covers chipset fan is the cause and changing the panel to glass was just a timing coincidence.

    So the question is, Does a glass panel insulate and trap heat inside the case more than a metal panel?
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    I think the difference between metal, plastic and glass on the sides will be negligible. The primary determinating factor is going to be whether you get air flow into the case and out of the case. I'm using a Fractal Meshify S2 in white, which has a mesh front panel and a mesh top. I take air in the front via 2 x 140mm intake fans, and it exhausts out of the back via a single 140mm fan. My top is also mesh, so heat rises and just escapes. My CPU cooler is a Dark Rock Pro 4, which has 2 fans, and my video card also has 3 fans which I have on all of the time. My box always stays quiet and cool. I have metal on the right side and tempered glass on the left side.
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    The easiest way to test your theory, is to just take the side panel... OFF.
    Then listen to the chipset fan. Does it still rev up, and does it rev up more or less.

    My ASUS x570 chipset motherboard also has a chipset fan. I also have a long video card. Metal side panel.
    My chipset fan makes no noise.

    On your case the metal panels have sound deadening material on the inside of the panels, right?
    I would imagine the glass panels do not.

    My point here is...
    1. You might be having a problem with the chipset fan. Teeny fans like that make more noise for the same rpm as a larger fan.

    2. With the glass panel on, you might just be "hearing" the chipset fan, because the glass panel has no sound deadening material on it.

    3. With no side panel on the case, temporarily, you will be able to find out if the chipset fan noise is because of the side panel, or because the chipset fan itself, is starting to make... more noise.


    I googled this... ASUS® TUF X570-PLUS GAMING chipset fan

    ...and found some interesting results, like this:

    Asus TUF X570 wifi-loud PCH fan - PCPartPicker
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    Is the sun shining directly on the glass panel? That would have a definite heating affect compared to the sun shining on a metal panel.
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    Looking at the PC case specs & all of the above suggestions you would have no trouble fitting 2 X 140mm fans in the front of the case & 2 at the top for max airflow & silent running.

    I have a X570 Mobo but I use a big 230mm fan which blows down onto the motherboard for maximum airflow across the mobo & I have also have a giant 3 fan gpu as well & the fans on that never come on until they reach 65c & even if gaming only once in a while..

    See specifications in below image:

    PC Case Cooling - Glass v Metal-glasscase.jpg
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    Black metal is a better heat radiator than glass and should result in a cooler PC
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    Thank you all very much for the feedback and guidance.

    @pparks1, I suspected the temp diff was probably a red herring and to @Steve C point, Metal felt cooler to the touch so hence the reason for asking.

    @RoadBlaster, thanks too. The specs suggests 2x Front fan support and I already have 1x 120mm which directs air towards the chipset and graphics card location. The fan location below is almost useless in my case as there is a power supply enclosure which means that airflow is limited. The Rear fan location (located high) is currently used for the CPU water cooler. I'm not happy with the current front fan. Its quite but feel rather weak so will probably replace it.

    @Ghot, this is the closest to the problem I describe, so thanks v much. I've looked at Ryzen Master fan temps and I've never seen any colour except Green across the board. But since the problem is so sporadic and lasts only a very short time, I don't have time to launch Ryzen master in time to see the temps. But I'm going to do some further testing today by keeping Ryzen master running in the background and see if the greens go amber or red.

    Hi @NavyLCDR, no direct sun on the case. The office ambient temp is on ave, 22-23c

    Thanks again ALL !
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    My newer case is a Thermaltake V200 RGB with 3x 120mm front fans, PSU Shroud/hard drive cage behind the 3rd 120mm fan, can support 2x 140mm up front if i choose to remove the 3rd front fan but i haven't yet---1x 120mm in the rear for exhaust, open top vent currently

    And Tempered Glass on the right side of case, first case with that option

    (Desktop in Specs area)
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