Hi! I recently bought an external GPU dock for my laptop and made a mistake. I bought the one with and M Key and it doesn't fit the slot for the wifi or the available slot for an m.2 SSD.
EGPU - Beast for Laptop-screenshot_2020-06-15-pcie-pci-e-v8-4d-exp-gdc-external-laptop-video-card-dock-laptop-docking-st.png

I don't know much about keys and stuff. can you guys help me out if this is the right cable adaptor for the wifi key?
EGPU - Beast for Laptop-screenshot_2020-06-15-free-shipping-super-deal-limited-offer-ngff-cable-v.png

I forgot to take a picture of the available slots, though I could when I get home later if really needed. I think that it's an E Key but don't take my word for it.

my laptop is a 2015 Acer Nitro v17 Black Edition and I have an Asus Expedition 1050 Ti laying around and hoping to play some new-gen titles on it. I just wanna make sure this time around that I don't waste money :) TYIA!!~

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anyone please?