As an introduction, I have a course in Micro Computer Repairs from NRI to work with. In this build I added a lot to my “Sleeper” Desktop. It still looks like it did originally outside, the changes are inside.
I started with an HP 8300 Elite small form factor (Renewed) work station. It came with Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 Ghz Quad core, 8GB Ram, 500GB HD and Windows 7. I had a 2TB HGST Model Main HD and a 1TB WDC Model Backup HD from older computers that died, as well as a low profile Nvidia Geforce GT 720Graphics card. I swapped out the original Hard Drive, then upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. I added a fenvi PCIe WIFI card for better reception, and a Qualcomm aptX’HD Bluetooth for better range with my Phonak Bluetooth receiver that works with my hearing aides. Replaced the original DVD-RW with an Orange Juice Desktop Computer Internal Blu Ray Player with Aiseesoft’s Bluray and DVD Player Software that works with my duo boot of Manjaro Linux and Windows 10. Also have a Memorex USB DVD-RW drive on hand if I need to burn a disk. My Monitor is a 22” Acer 3D with 1920x1280 resolution running at 75Hz, great for HD movies and in depth graphics. Sorry, I am not a game player.