How can you know if a MoBo can deliver 45W, 95W or 125W to the CPU?

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    How can you know if a MoBo can deliver 45W, 95W or 125W to the CPU?

    So, I've just upgraded an old computer, and this question came to my mind:
    If you, for example, swap an original 45W CPU from a PC and replace it by a 95W CPU, how can you know that the MoBo is going to be able to deliver all the power the new CPU needs?

    You could have a 750W PSU, but your MoBo could only be able to deliver 65W to the CPU, so a 95W CPU would be kind of useless. Where's that info?

    Suppose you have a good fan and temps are not a problem. This is all about if the MoBo can deliver what a CPU needs in terms of power. There's nothing limiting the CPU neither in Windows or the BIOS. Could it be that, even after recognizing the CPU and clearing the CMOS, the task manager is still stuck with the old E6750 CPU values?

    In this post I explain it further:
    Best CPU for LGA775 for an Intel Q35 Express chipset?
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    Your board will have a qvl list of supported cpu's/ memory...
    Is this board out of the same case if so it should have a snid tag and that number will help find that machine on the manufactures website for everything it came with and everything compatible with it including cpu's.

    If compatible the cpu will tell the board what to do via bios.
    If not compatible you won't even post.
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    No, I'm asking this as a general question. Given any motherboard, how do you know if it can handle 95W or 125W of a compatible LGA CPU? Specially if it came with a 45W CPU and you want to upgrade to a 95W CPU. Where's the data of the MoBo that says "the CPU socket will be able to provide 125W to a CPU?
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    That data should be either in the advertising information or in the manual for the motherboard, should show which CPUs it supports and the minimum capacity of the power supply needed to be used which in turn will allow a Search for their specifications.
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    Board manufacture will have a QVL = Qualified Vendor List you'd just need to search the board manufactures website and find it for which ever board you're interested in.
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    Here, for a Dell Optiplex 755:

    Can't find wattage support... only a list of specific CPU models, and incomplete because I'm using one CPU that is not there. In the CPU list there are no watts specs, so I hope we are not expected to look for the specs of every single CPU in that list to check which one has the highest W.
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    Thought this was a rhetorical question.
    Maybe Dell just sucks at documentation have you thought about that possibility
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    Well if serious use cpu-z and mother board section and get the number off of it
    Then use this site to see or use a search engine with the mother board number and see what it says

    Here's my old 775 socket with a q9550 I added to it
    Not sure I care if it will push wattage or not just know it took 3 cpu's to get one worth keeping
    Have some pretty wild core temp difference issues but the q9550 was only about at amazon
    Acer WG43M - Best Compatible Acer WG43M Mobo

    All this site states is this maybe yours will say the same and yes that includes q9550.
    The Acer WG43M is compatible with Intel processors with the LGA 775/ Socket T socket.
    Used this way back that addram helped with but it's not coming up anymore :/
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    I'm sorry if I'm driving you guys nuts, but I don't seem to see anywhere the wattage that any specific board is delivering to the CPU, if such spec even exists.

    I guessed that some "weak" boards would not handle a 125W or 95W CPU, specially those that come with a 45W CPU. Nevertheless, I might be wrong and ALL boards can deliver 125W to a CPU, and when one MoBo has problems with a certain CPU, it's only the manufacturer not supporting that specific CPU because of the BIOS, not because the board can't deliver 125W to the CPU.

    Am I clear now?

    And yes, I said that Dell Optiplex 755 PC because it's the one I'm working on, I just recently swapped its 65W CPU by a 95W CPU, and this question came to my mind as a general question.
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    Since the 755 uses different motherboards and Hardware configurations, going by what the PSU spec is for that particular configuration is a starting point. You would have to get the exact motherboard info from the p/n and dp a search for the technical documents on that specific motherboard. It is the GPU power wattage that more people worry about than the CPU, which will use more power than the CPU.
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