I got new rig, but have strange problem.
I got Z77 OC Formula with i7 3770 and two Hynix DIMMs, HMT41GU6MFR8C to be specific.

Problem is that when I put them into Dual Channel slots I got error 55 ("memory not installed​"). But only if they are put in A1+B1 or A2+B2 slots.
When put into A1+A2 or B1+B2 everything i fine.
All slots are fine, alone... If I put my old RAM (4 GB Kingston) into one of empty slots when both Hynixs are in A1+A2 or B1+B2 then it is fine as well.

Any idea? Faulty RAM? Or maybe there is some option in AsRocks BIOS or on the mobo to change it? Never had one from them (only ASUS or Abit ones)...

All parts are used if it may help with a solution.