​Hey Everyone.

So, next month my disability case may be approved and signed off by a judge. My attorney is very confident. So, I've been thinking, with my back pay that I am going to receive, my thoughts are how about building myself another computer. Now, I have two already, both are pretty darn good. 8-Core Processors and 16GB of RAM with SSD's, and a high-end Graphics Card. I'm pretty pleased. Do I need a new computer? Heck no. I just want one.

So, I thought about trying to build me an AMD Threadripper Machine. Now, I am not sure what Threadrippers are meant for. I don't game or anything like that. So, it would be an overkill for me for sure. I want to try to build an Intel Machine, but I have always used AMD. So, i'm kind of torn on that right now. If I do build me another computer and don't end up doing a Threadripper, then I would of course stay with the 8-Core Processor, unless there's another processor out there that has more than 8 cores (besides the Threadripper).

I love Asus Motherboards. Both of my PCs now have Asus Crosshairs MBs.

With the new PC Build, I would probably end up going with Liquid Cooling, since that seems to be the trend right now.

Any thoughts or suggestions?