Not sure if this has been posted already. But it's a new stress test program to test for stability. Useful for testing your overclocks. Not tried it myself yet.

POWERMAX | Softwares | CPUID

!! Please use powerMAX at your own risks !!

powerMAX stresses your PC in such a way that it may reveal the weakness of some of the components, and cause non-reversible damage to mainboard VRMs, video card VRM, PSU, or any other component. For that reason, powerMAX has to be used at your entire responsibility and CPUID shall not be liable for any damage which may arise as a result of your use of powerMAX.

What is (and what is not) powerMAX ?

powerMAX is a CPU and GPU burn-in test. It is aimed to maximize the power dissipation and the temperature of these two components. There are several ways to use powerMAX :

  • CPU test : allows to check the CPU stability (in case of overclocking for example), and if the CPU cooling system does its job correctly.
  • GPU test : same, but for GPU.
  • CPU + GPU tests in the same time : maximizes the full system power consomption, and therefore ensures that the PSU can handle the peak power required by the CPU and GPU simultaneously.

powerMAX generates no performance or stability score, and therefore is not a benchmark.