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    Graphic cards are grossly overpriced, their price can easily be higher than rest of system. They are also fastest price depreciating component.
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    specialkone said:
    Everyone gets that the technology looks promising and has a future. With all the slides Huang presented, what’s the ONE slide that is missing? It’s FPS game performance. Do you thing Huang forgot that one? LOL.

    That's the thing, NOT everybody get this. But yeah, Huang did not forget this, he was just prioritizing things that was an important achievement. Why repeat the same old +50% speed improvement every 5 years charts, when there was so much else to talk about!?

    That’s why all these articles are out on the RTX gaming FPS performance. Because Huang didn’t want to talk about it, these reviewers/gamers are advising the gaming public to look at benchmarks first because FPS performance with ray tracing won’t see the increases typically expected with the next generation, at least not right away.
    Yes, that is what many reviewers are not getting, and definitely not the general public either. The benchmarks won't matter with Ray Tracing enabled, it's most likely too slow on a single card setup anyways. Personally I was impressed enough that they can even get 1FPS using Ray Tracing.

    Gamers aren’t only looking for FPS. Many of us would give up some FPS for significantly better visuals. If Shadow of the Tomb Raider with ray tracing doesn’t look much better than ROTTR and has a 4X drop in performance, and if other games show similar results at this time, yes I agree that buying a 2080 TI for $1,649 for this gamer would only be to support ray tracing technology. But Nvidia won’t get a charitable donation from me. I can afford it (had a job - a great one), as a gamer, not interested at this time. And I can read financials. If Nvidia wants all gamers on board they can well afford to work on the technology/drivers until we see what we want. No surprise to anyone, including Nvidia I’m sure.
    • Record revenue of $3.21 billion, up 66 percent from a year ago
    • Record GAAP EPS of $1.98, up 151 percent from a year ago
    • Record Datacenter revenue of $701 million, up 71 percent from a year earlier

    NVIDIA today reported record revenue for the first quarter ended April 29, 2018, of $3.21 billion, up 66 percent from $1.94 billion a year earlier, and up 10 percent from $2.91 billion in the previous quarter.
    Hehheh, yep, they are doing well but a few more bucks won't hurt.

    There is so much more going on in the new cards than just Ray tracing. Just the Tensor Cores alone, is a huge thing. Also the Async INT32 is very important. The way these can be used in tandem is another big thing.

    nVidia has defined a new standard and I would like to support that, if I had the money. But sadly I don't. I would find a couple of RTX2080Ti and a couple of Quadro RTX8000 very useful for what I'm working on.
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    CountMike said:
    For large number of gamers Gaming is a job, I know at least one guy that makes good money on professional gaming.
    Oh, you're talking those being paid to game, not game dev programmers. Yeah, it's incredible how gaming has become a spectator sport. I saw a documentary and the crowd was going wild. Believe it was in Japan. Bet one of those guys could help me out with FFXV.
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    Germany's Caseking price list for the 2080 Ti: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti order online | CASEKING

    Current conversion rate:
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    Lol, these cards cost 1500€ in Finland. That's a bit more than starting from $999.
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    We reached out to UL Benchmarks (the company formerly known as Futuremark), and Unigine Corporation, best known for their 3DMark and Heaven graphics benchmarks, respectively, to get their take on the matter.

    UL Benchmarks could not yet make public the next iteration of the suite, but they did confirm they are currently developing a ray tracing benchmark (without disclosing exact dates). The release would, then, "align with the launch of Redstone 5", said a UL representative. Redstone 5, or “Windows 10 1809” as it's now known is the Microsoft Fall 2018 OS update and is scheduled to launch in late September. The release is said to include a new version of the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark.Unigine has thus far failed to come back to us on their benchmark suites, but it also stands to reason that an updated Heaven or entirely new benchmark will be released.If all things go according to plan, consumers will be able to benchmark their shiny new GeForce RTX 20 Series cards shortly after receiving them.

    New 3DMark benchmark in the works, coming late September - TechSpot

    Video from 5 months ago:
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    If you don't get it, go to Gamers Nexus YouTube channel(I like Angry Steve, he was a salty beast in the video, but rightly so).
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    I have always had a lot of respect for Steve Burke (Gamers Nexus). This video finally inspired me to buy one of his blue beer mugs and T -shirts.

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