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Not military or defense work at all. The issue my company is only registered to do business in NY.
So. That has zero to do with it's employees when they may be required to be on the road or work while out of town during a family emergency.

Any hardware VPN solution that is on the lower end Gateways are not going to work for what you want, because they are not really true servers and security appliances. When you set up a VPN between your laptop to the company, it does not matter if you are in a hotel room or a beach house. To the other end, you are on their network, the phone would still go through the VPN it is set up with and appear on the company network.

The only thing that you cannot do if you are not licensed in that state. You cannot just meet people somewhere or sell the products from residents who live in the state that you happen to be at. You can still work with your clients in your company home state and their lawyers I am sure have already addressed this concern about Road Warriors.

Going from where you are in Jersey to your place in NY, then to the company. You would not be able to get anything done, because your upload from Jersey to NY would be very limited, unless you are planning on paying for 1000mbps or 100mbps upload and download.

Anything else, talk to your bosses and IT to see if they have any problems about working at your Jersey location with those accounts in NY. If they try to not be clear, then pick up the phone and call the licensing organization for the state that you received those licenses in and they will pretty much sum up what I stated.

If you want decent hardware, ditch the Leased eMTA from your provider for Internet, and build a system out like I did with mine. I used to run the Cisco RV320, but took it out of my network when I no longer needed the VPN server access. I use a Engenius EAP1750H and it gives me wired speeds and I can go up to 150 feet away, which at that distance, I start to see 10mbps speeds.