I am trying to help person A with a programming problem, but I am not able to successfully copy her files to my computer so that I can leisurely fix her problem from my computer. What is weird is that the files appear to be copied (I can see a file with the unique name person A gave to it)but I can not see their contents.

Both person A and I have an electronic sign creating application called LedArt. It is found in the public domain. The application has many supporting files all found within subfolders within a folder named, LedArt. she has previously created instructions to create one sign. Those instructions are found in an application data file called which is stored in a LedArt subfolder named "work". I verified its location. When she calls up that specific file from a running LedArt application, I can see the choices she has made. I can see the text, images, and video that she has chosen to display.

I would like to copy her job over to my computer and run it. So she dragged and dropped her entire LedArt folder up to my onedrive cloud account. on my laptop running w10, I then tried running her from my application. I do not see any data in appears as if all the files and folders are copied but the contents are not or the contents are not available to me for some reason.

This is mysterious to me. We checked folder and file permissions. I failed to check ownership. she did not have full control. so we had the system administrator give her full control over the LedArt folder and subfolders and tried the transfer process once again. the same results occured. on her computer revealed all the sign components. The transferred file on my computer revealed no data when executed by the application.

If the file were encrypted, somehow, would the encryption give us the results presented above? How would I know the file was encrypted. does the file extension change?

I am assuming, possibly incorrectly, that incorrect permissions would not even allow a transfer to take place. If she had the correct permissions, how do the permissions pass to me? does she have to give the folder permissions to "anyone" before she transfers the folder to my account?

Any insight anyone can offer is appreciated.