I use a 3G SIM card to connect to network. Now suddenly it stopped automatically connecting to it.

When I go to Network & Internet / Cellular / there are check boxes for connect automatically and allow roaming.
It doesn't seem to matter what I do with them. The connect automatically box is checked, but it won't connect.

If I uncheck the box and close the window, bam, it will by itself appear the next time I open settings.

I've done all I can think of down to removing the SIM card and removing the whole cellular device from Device Manager and letting Windows re-install it....nothing seems to help. It always claims automatic connection is in use, but it isn't. It will connect OK if I go to Cellular and press connect. There is no connection option with right button on the task bar either.

Any ideas what to try besides completely reinstalling W10? Or can I at least create an icon to turn on cellular connection on the desktop - it drives me crazy to have to go to settings and manuall connect twenty times a day, since it always turns off the connection when the screen saver goes on or I close the lid for a moment etc...really annoying.