As of this Post I'm attempting to connect and gain full non-restrictive access to the internet services of this facility, (something that as of this writing, was as easy as to plug in the Ethernet cable to an active jack.) However, as much as a lucky guess I've been able to do so far, the computer still marks the connection down as "Network; No internet Access." This may in part be due to the whole way the network here may have been set up, with the whole sign in with your ID in order to continue Schtick. It would explain how I'm able to type as I can now but still can't launch either a VPN/program that may require internet access. It is not that the network here is complicated, it is more closer to the fact that I'm in lacking the knowledge to know what is specifically happening, the terms for the network structure itself, all that jazz. One thing that's prominent is the Certificate Errors that appear when attempting to jump to a page like google. Strangely enough, I popped into this site without any Certification Navigations, and I need to figure out how to get this "Proxy" auto configured to match on other models here and attempt to build off of that. I'm sure it is the login prompt that prevents applications that are used to connect to the internet without any halts that gives these browsers issues for even connecting to the simplest of public sites. Even Internet Explorer 11 being capable to allow me to write this all down is still clouded with these certificate errors that makes it particularly annoying to browse in.

So Yeah any help into either solving/researching this would be great thanks.