Windows 10: "This computer can not join/create homegroup Solved

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  1.    03 Aug 2015 #11

    I have 3 pc with windows 10 and homegroup dose not work. I ended up reseting my modem/router and now in windows 10 i can get homegroup on all 3 pc's. I hope this helps athers like it helped me.
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  2.    13 Aug 2015 #12

    neil2013 said: View Post
    I have 3 pc with windows 10 and homegroup dose not work. I ended up reseting my modem/router and now in windows 10 i can get homegroup on all 3 pc's. I hope this helps athers like it helped me.
    Did you reset both? Looks like you have reset both - modem and router.
    After reset the router, the router's password changed to the default "admin".
    If earlier you had your own password for the router, did you change it back to your earlier Password?
    (Or you have been using the default password for your router all along?)
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  3.    15 Aug 2015 #13

    After many tries and changed so many settings, my Win 10 computer still could not see the Win XP computer - but Win 10 computer became very painfully slow, not usable anymore.

    So, I had to do another clean install. After the clean install, I decided to join the HomeGroup first before doing anything else.. Interestingly enough, the Win 10 computer can now see the Win XP computer - can access Win XP computer's file and use its attached printer.

    Problem solved.

    *** Update: My Win 10 computer can see/access Win XP computer, but not the other way around. But that's OK, since I mainly use the Win 10 - it is nice to be able to access some old files on XP when needed. No need for the XP to be able to access files on Win 10 anyway.
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  4.    16 Aug 2015 #14

    linw said: View Post
    Couple of other questions. What is the history of this comp? Upgraded from earlier OS versions or new install?

    You say shares don't work. Is this both ways?

    What is the actual error message when you try sharing?

    Not sure that the request to join a non existent Homegroup is relevant as I had that for a while but seems to have got the message now!
    I started on win 8.0 then did the developer preview for 10 almost as soon as it was released. used homegroup the whole time. only when I moved and got a new att u-verse router did this start. I was thinking it was my router so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and noticed that my main pc went from seeing an old (not existing) homegroup, to not seeing one at all, still can not create one though. the error message is the title of this thread, depending if I'm trying to join or create.

    hope this helps somehow :S
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  5.    16 Aug 2015 #15

    dazednconfused said: View Post
    I upgraded my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8.1 laptop to 10, I had a Homegroup working.

    Windows 10 told me that "homegroup is available." I attempted to join and enter the password. After a while I got a dialog box which stated "Windows no longer detects a HomeGroup on this network. To create a new HomeGroup, click OK and then open HomeGroup in control panel"
    Going to control panel only gave me the option to join an existing home group. There was no option to either delete this group or create a new one.
    The troubleshooter has not provided a solution.

    I found this in Windows help

    "The Peer Networking Grouping and HomeGroup Provider services must both be running. Here's how to check this:

    • Open Control Panel by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clickingSearch), entering Control Panel in the search box, and then tapping or clicking Control Panel.
    • Enter Administrative Tools in the Control Panel search box, then double-tap or double-click Services. You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice. .

    In the Status column, next to the Peer Networking Grouping andHomeGroup Provider services, you should see the word Running. If you can't see this, double-tap or double-click the name of the service, tap or click Start, then tap or click OK."

    I checked this on both computers and both were ok, however I noticed that on my desktop HomeGroup Listener was not running so I changed that and lo and behold I was then able to create a new Homegroup (new password generated) and everything is now fine.

    I think we are making progress. error message: Windows could not start the Peer Networking Grouping service on local computer Error 1068: The dependence service or group failed to start.

    I thought all the necessary tasks were running, turns out the info found did not list all the possible "not running" options. thank you.
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  6.    16 Aug 2015 #16

    Yes my password changed to the default admin and yes i had my own password i used and after i rest i put my password back in the hardest thing was trying 2 remember how 2 put it back in. How did it go with you did it help any
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  7.    16 Aug 2015 #17

    I follow the path C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking to look for the idstore.sst file. It is not there and I believe I am viewing all hidden folders. I moved the Peer Networking folder to my desktop then tried to create homegroup and when the folder was remade it was still empty.
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  8.    17 Aug 2015 #18

    Is your computer the one witch you first started the homegroup with if so restart the computer sometimes it will show up the same error. I have 2 go into my modem/router and put my name and password in for my internet provider witch thay gave me when I singed up with them so I can get it to work again and I worried about the password later. Once I restart my computer with the homegroup I had started with before in I up graded to windows 10 then I tried it again and it worked, Then I whent to the other 2 computer and put the password in and it got it going.
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  9.    17 Aug 2015 #19

    Has anyone attempted to remove all previous computers from an existing HomeGroup prior to installing upgrading to W10? Additionally, removing all shared resources prior to updating?

    I will be flipping 12 work systems over to W10 when all these problems are resolved and am collecting all my troubleshooting tips before the 90th day. ...that's when I plan to make the move. MS has some updating to do and I plan to leave Win7 alone until then.

    Thanks for all the info everyone. These types of posts are what help us all!!
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  10.    17 Aug 2015 #20

    I have done the following and still cannot get Homegroup working in Windows 10:

    1. In safe mode I deleted the files in C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking on the primary computer (a Dell Inspiron 570 desktop running Windows 10, with a printer attached by USB, that connects to router by cable).
    2. I did the same on 3 laptops (that connect to router by wireless; 2 are Windows 10, 1 is Windows 7) via Safe Mode so that any in-use files could be deleted. Then shut down all 3 laptops.
    3. I then created a new Homegroup on the desktop computer (with a new password, of course).
    4. I tried to join laptops to the new homegroup with no success.
    5. When I go back to desktop and click on Homegroup in Windows Explorer, it gives me the Join Now (which it shouldn't do since I already created it on this one). When I try to join it fails.

    I have tried to verify that update KB 3081424 is installed but the Update listing in Windows 10 only lists the most recent ones which are dated 8/14/2015 or later.
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