I need a complete list of settings to make my Homegroup work.

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    I need a complete list of settings to make my Homegroup work.

    I hope you don't get as confused as I am....

    I have 3 win 10 computers, 1 HP 530-339 64 Bit, 1 Dell 530S 32 Bit and 1 Dell 560S 64 Bit. I need to let folks know I am a non-techie with an 85 year old slow brain.

    When I bought the 560 I tried to set up a Homegroup, I was successful with the HP and the 530S (it was my Master). I did a lot of I'net searching and posting on every Forum I could find, made many changes but the 560S never joined, I should have sent it back! The HP and the 530S had a love affair and stayed faithful all those years.

    I am getting ready to retire the 530S as one of our family members has moved away. I also bought a win 10 tablet and planned to share it on my Homegroup because I can't get used to the tiny keyboard, I could do all the data entry on one of the computers and share it with the tablet.

    So, here I am with the 560S again deciding not to join. Since I am not very smart I replaced the 560S HDD with the 530S HDD and much to my surprise it worked, including the Homegroup, that is until I shut it down that night and restarted it in the morning, yup no Homegroup! Then I replaced the 530S HDD with the 560S HDD like it was before my testing. Golly, my dark cloud got bigger and darker and low and behold neither one can join the homegroup!

    I compared the "network properties" on they are essentially the same for the 530S and 560S.

    Can someone offer a lifeline or a complete list of all the required settings before the last 6 hairs fall from my head?

    Old Don .
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    Hi Don. First things first. Please delete or remove your Homegroup from all devices. Then establish a new Homegroup and connect the the other two. As well power cycle your router, off, wait 20 secs, on.

    I would start with the 560, set the homegroup up on it. Make sure all your networks are listed as private. You can check this is settings under Network and internet. (Ether Ethernet or Wi-Fi)

    Create Homegroup in Windows 10

    at the bottom of tutorial are links to other Homegroup tutorials. (Joining, leaving, etc)

    Now you didn't say what version of Win 10 you are running on each device. There have been reported issues with Homegroups with numerous ideas to fix. Would be nice if MS would fix and save all our brains. Could you list version and build number in your next post.

    Windows key + R, type winver, enter.

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    Hi Ken,
    First of all, my lack of response does not indicate a lack of appreciation, just plain old ignorance.
    At his point I have no good news, I have not accomplished anything positive! I followed everything you sent to me plus tons of other recommendations from the I 'net. My big problem is I have very little short term memory! While I have been working on the old Dell (Win 20 free upgrade) machines I used the new HP for research and printed the procedures so I could refer to both of those!
    Almost forgot, since my last post all my computers are Build 16299 and V. 1709, in the process of upgrading I had many gremlins in the 530 and 560 which took a few days to smooth them out. I Reset 530 and now the 530 won't start up. The slider get to 50% and quits, F2 and F12 had no affect!
    I swapped the 530 for the 560 hoping for a miracle, nope, back to square one. I very carefully started making all the required settings again to now avail.
    Here is where I am now:
    1. The WIFI does not work, all that shows up in "Network Connections" is Ethernet.
    2. I set up the Homegroup on the HP, could not join from the 560, I left the Homegroup on the HP, rebooted both machines and HP invited me to set up a Homegroup and the 560 invited me to join even though there was none to join, I tried joining and was told I could not join a Homegroup on that machine, and obviously could not start one!

    I believe I am ready to stop and see if I can get a cloud to communicate and share with my new Win 10 tablet.

    Even though it took way much time to let you know what was going on and how much I appreciate your willingness to help, I have to admit I don't have the brain power to be successful, I admire you and the other volunteers!

    Of course, part of my problem is the 560 has a deeply hidden problem and secondly all the upgrades to Win 10 have probably caused some of the problem.

    Just to show I am not a quitter I'll continue to work on it after I get Cloud-a-fied!

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    This should not be this hard. What cloud were you thinking of using. Microsoft has Onedrive and I believe it 5GB for free. Additional storage is cost effective.

    I must admit I got a little lost following above. I would strongly recommend you stop moving boot drives between machines, this is adding to issues as drivers are different.

    Here is a tutorial on Onedrive. At bottom there are associated tutorials.

    Sync Any Folder to OneDrive in Windows 10

    If you want to post a simple snap shot of what is and isn't working on each device. A title machine xxx followed by list of what isn't working. Only if you want. Your network is likely massively confused with swapping.

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