I've recently noticed my Windows 10 PC has a very slow internet speed. At first I thought this was due to having changed to a new broadband provider, but having tested the speed on several devices I think the problem is unique to my PC.

Having done lots of speed tests, the Windows PC typically shows a download speed of 0.5-5mbps. My Linux Mint laptop reliably shows a download speed of 20+mbps, and my Android phone shows similar (all on the same network).

The advertised speed that we're paying for is "up to" 100mbps. I don't particularly expect to reach that kind of speed, but having a similar speed on Windows as on Linux would be nice.

Things I have tried (typically I will run a speed test, then try one of these steps, then rerun the speed test, then undo the step and move on to the next one):

- closing down obvious running programmes and background programmes like Dropbox, Steam
- disabling antivirus
- disabling firewall
- turning off the "updates from more than one place" setting in the updates section - I think this is the thing where Windows uses your bandwidth to stream updates to other people on the network
- turning off updates altogether
- checking the wifi adapter - it says it sees speeds of 29mbps.

None of these steps made any noticeable difference in the speed tests.

Can anyone make a suggestion, or point me in the direction of a useful thread? Thank you.