Windows 10: Slow LAN when laptop(s) connected Solved

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       06 Oct 2017 #1

    Slow LAN when laptop(s) connected

    Hello All,

    I am trying to solve an issue with connecting my Laptop to my local network

    I have a Virgin 300Mbs Connection using a Virgin Hub 3 Router. When I connect my PC via a CAT 5e Ethernet cable, I do get 300Mbs on a speedtest. If I disconnect my PC and connect a laptop to the same Ethernet cable or any other ports on the Virgin Hub3, the max I can get on a speedtest is circa 150Mbs !

    Tried this with 3 different laptops and the same result is acheived. 2 of the Laptops are clean installs but updated to latest revisions.

    LAN ports on Laptops and PC are Gigabit !

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you
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    Hi jl2509.

    Go into the properties of the adapters and ensure they are set for full duplex is set.

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    Hi Ken

    Thanks for the response.
    The settings were set to auto negotiate, changing to full duplex (1Gps) made no difference?

    I will look for a manufacturer specific driver for the LAN adapter rather than the driver which windows installed to see if that helps.

    Thank you
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    Okay, that would be good. Then I would compare some of the other settings in PC with laptops. Words won't be exactly the same but something might pop out as you review.

    Lets us know once actual drivers are in.

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    Most laptops are only going to have a 150mbps connection, because consumers want manufacturers to squeeze as much battery life out of them. Even the Macbooks throttle down when on battery, so that you get the best life out of them.

    As for Ethernet, same thing. Different chipsets will get different speeds and also if on battery, speeds can be lower.
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    Appreciate the information.
    My main test Laptop is a Sony Vaio VPCEH2N1E and always on a mains connection, not battery (there is actually no battery fitted when I connect to mains power).

    I get the rationale behind battery savings but why put gigabit Lan connector in there only to throttle it?

    If this is the answer, then how can I get around this? Any settings to manual override or is it firmware in the chipset and cannot be changed?

    As for my previous thread, with Ken, correct and updated drivers are installed all settings reviewed but no change.

    Thank you
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    It does not matter what laptop you have. It is about the chipset and nothing is throttling your connection, unless you are running the laptop on battery and the manufacturer has the bios set to conserve battery life when on battery and not connected to a power outlet.

    Also it depends on how far of distance the location is that you are trying to do a speedtest, what kind of connection they have, if your provider where you live overseas may throttle the connection in peak periods, etc. Too many factors to tell why the speeds are different without anything to show us what is going on by providing Trace Routes and speedtest results.
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    Would AV / Firewalls impact performance ??

    Are they same between all products?

    Who made the NIC?

    Went to Sony site, interesting, quoting "Unfortunately, there currently are no manuals for this product" ????

    and only one driver for bluetooth (Atheros).
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       07 Oct 2017 #9

    Yes Firewalls and sandboxing of both the browser and OS can cause issues. I use a Net Tools app on my iPhone when testing against the Speedtest app for Mac OS and in the web browser. All are the same speeds when I test on my network, even when I go to just my U-Verse gateway. All computers in my house and along with Wifi and Ethernet connections stay at what my Max speed is listed. That is why I believe that we are dealing with a inaccurate baseline for the OP.

    The OP is going to have to get a Baseline of what the connection should be and what they are seeing on each machine. That may need to use a Live install of Linux on both and then making sure that the Gateway is set up and nothing is changed. When I am asking on these type of posts, I am going on that what I see on my own network and knowing that I have not made dramatic changes and that I do not run anything else when I make my tests.

    If the OP uses something like Speedtest-Cli, which means installing Python for running the test. It gets it out of the GUI and any antimalware/speed throttling tools. I would not put it past the British using a QOS throttling Proxy.
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       07 Oct 2017 #10

    Ken I bet they forgot to disconnect Wifi and it was the primary connection, is why they only saw 150mbps. Also that Laptop has an older HM65 Express Chipset from the 1st Quarter of 2011. You have to love when manufacturers of Beige Box hardware are still using outdated tech.
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