Windows 10: No internet connection after upgrade

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  1.    30 Jul 2015 #61

    orpheus82 said: View Post
    PSA that might hopefully give someone some help. My internet was working fine yesterday after my install. Today it was not working. I tried everything and was going to roll back to 8.1, uninstall my VPN, and reupgrade like other users here.Turns out it was Bitdefender Internet Security 2015. I uninstalled that out of sheer frustration and my internet is working again. I hope this might save at least one person from having to go through the pain of rolling back and reinstalling!
    Orpheus...I don't have Bitdefender but use Malwarebytes..however do have Cisco VPN, installed through Win you have Cisco you didn't say one way or the other??
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  2.    30 Jul 2015 #62

    Same issue, no network after upgrade... Reverted to 8.1, uninstalled Cisco VPN, upgraded to Windows 10 again, Surface Pro 3 is happy.
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  3.    30 Jul 2015 #63

    dawn said: View Post
    Same issue, no network after upgrade... Reverted to 8.1, uninstalled Cisco VPN, upgraded to Windows 10 again, Surface Pro 3 is happy.
    Dawn...congratulations and good work.
    By the way, did you also run CC cleaner & remove hidden Cisco files per Dan223 (on the previous page??)....or did you just uninstall the driver after getting back to Win 8 ?? Thanks in advance for your response and I'm trying to get my ducks lined up before I go for it in approx an hour or so.
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  4.    30 Jul 2015 #64

    I just reverted, uninstalled the VPN client via Control Panel, rebooted, reinstalled Windows 10. I can now connect to my corporate network with no issues and all adapters are showing properly.
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  5.    30 Jul 2015 #65

    Please check
    To get wireless working without rolling back to Windows 8/8.1 is to run this command as admin.
    netcfg -v -u dni_dne
    It was provided by Barb Bowman.
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  6.    30 Jul 2015 #66


    As posted earlier I had little luck getting my Surface Pro 2 to find the network after the upgrade. Three installs and reversals with removing of the VPNs hadn't done it. Install 4 was the charm. What did I do to get it to work? Well, I removed all drivers/application that bind with the network adapters - specifically all VPN drivers and VMWare software. I simply installed them again in Windows 10 and all is working fine.
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  7.    30 Jul 2015 #67

    Hello, all...

    I got home and am just restoring to the previous version of Windows 8...
    Will post back progress....keeping fingers crossed....
    I'll be editing this post so as to not have too many posts

    ...Had it running...came back 35 mins after dinner and now I'm in Windows 8...Current time 9:04PM EST. All's well in Win 8 ; the internet is back up ; now will try and uninstall VPN and post back in a while...

    Uninstalled VPN successfully ; and also followed Dan223's suggestion of using
    pnputil.exe -e and pnputil.exe -d oem19.inf in the command line (as an administrator). In my case Cisco VPN was oem28.inf ; so double check your listing in -e, before hitting the -d command to delete.
    Started reinstalling Windows 10 ; and haven't got past "Making sure you're ready to install". 15 mins so far ; current time : 9:39PM EST. Will post back later.

    9:42PM currently and it's installing Windows 10..should have waited 3 mins before the above post. This will take probably take hrs ; I have an i5 Sony laptop ; and it's not fast enough (they never are...)....I'll be gone for 1-1/2 hrs...will post back later.

    It's 10:37PM EST...I'm back a little early but going to bed as it's only at 15% on Upgrading Windows....will post back tomorrow AM

    Checking back this morning at 8:02AM....IT'S ALL GOOD....INTERNET IS BACK UP. I am in Win 10 and all seems to be running fine.

    THANK YOU to all on this board...and I'll try and help others as needed..
    Last edited by cuddyver01; 31 Jul 2015 at 07:09.
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  8.    30 Jul 2015 #68

    cuddyver01 said: View Post
    Orpheus...I don't have Bitdefender but use Malwarebytes..however do have Cisco VPN, installed through Win you have Cisco you didn't say one way or the other??
    I do not have Cisco VPN installed, but I do have Private Internet Access VPN service installed. I worried after reading this thread that my VPN service may also have messed up my internet, but it was definitely the antivirus.
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  9.    30 Jul 2015 #69

    Happy camper now. Last night, I updated my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 - no network, no Bluetooth (for my mouse). I found this thread, and I have Cisco VPN, so I reverted back to Windows 8.1 - no problem. Today on another PC that I had upgraded to Windows 10, I tried to get Cisco VPN to work. After the registry workaround and installation of Citrix driver, I was able to re-install the Cisco VPN client, and I could start to connect, but I always got error 427, so no go. Then I found out about Shrew, so I downloaded the Shrew VPN client, imported my Cisco pcf file, and it worked right off the bat. So I uninstalled Cisco VPN on the Surface Pro 3, then upgraded to Windows 10 again. Network and Bluetooth worked. Then I installed Shrew VPN - works great! VPN to my office network is a must. Glad I could finally get it to work. Thanks for all the posts. :)
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  10.    31 Jul 2015 #70

    Network connection problem windows 10

    vaultsman said: View Post
    I upgraded my ageing Dell Inspiron 530 desktop PC this morning from Win7 Ultimate to Win10 Pro. The PC is connected to the router via ethernet cable.

    All seems fine in terms of the OS, but I have no internet access. I know the router's OK as my other devices are fine.

    When I run the troubleshooter it flags up "There may be a problem with the driver for the Local Area Adapter"

    Digging further, it seems the issue is "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter"

    Looking at Services, I found the Wired AutoConfig and WLAN AutoConfig services weren't running were set to Manual. I changed these to Automatic and rebooted, but still no joy.

    The network adapter is an Intel 82652V-2 10/100 and Device Manager says it's working normally and the driver is up to date.

    Apologies in advance if I'm missing something obvious, but can anyone point me in the right direction please?
    please uninstall Network driver from control panel after that restart your pc it could be take more time and Lan driver updated automatically then login with your credential and your problem will be resolved. :)
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