Windows 10: No internet connection after upgrade

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  1.    01 Aug 2015 #91

    Worked for me!

    Uninstalling the cisco vpn client when in windows 8.1 then upgrading it back to Windows 10 Fixed the network problems.
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  2.    01 Aug 2015 #92

    Worked for me!

    polo2883 said: View Post
    So someone over at a surface pro forums stated uninstalling the cisco vpn client when in windows 8.1 then upgrading seems to fix the network problems.
    Uninstalling the cisco vpn client when in windows 8.1 then upgrading it back to Windows 10 Fixed the network problems.
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  3.    01 Aug 2015 #93

    lobo said: View Post
    Same no internet issue after upgrading to W10. After reverted back to W8.1, the problem of no internet was still there. My laptop does not have Asus AI Suite. I removed Cisco VPN, but still no wifi adapater found. Any idea to solve this? Donīt want to format my pc...
    Check your IP address. What led me to find out the AI suite was causing the problem was that I noticed my IP address was something way off from what I have set in my router. Most routers start 192.168.x.xx and mine was something like Even after manually changing the address the network would not work. You might even try going into device manager and scan for hardware changes to see if it finds it. I'm upgrading my HP Touchsmart 660 at the moment and will see if my wireless card disappears.
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  4.    01 Aug 2015 #94

    After trying to install 3 times & I finally got it to load I then discovered no Internet either by Wi Fi or Ethernet - Why do Microsoft issue important software with these known issues - I have no obvious VPN software installed so ended up reversing to Windows 7 - what a waste of time
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  5.    03 Aug 2015 #95

    What if i cant revert Back

    jaredkahle said: View Post
    Yes--I reverted back to 8.1. If you go into the Settings from the Start Menu-->Update and recovery-->choose recovery on the left hand side and the middle option I believe is to go back to 8.1

    Updating drivers, changing hardware, etc...WON'T do anything at all. You cannot uninstall the Cisco VPN client from Windows 10--you have to do it from 8.1 If you try to uninstall it from Win10---it'll give you a scary message saying the OS is corrupt. But once you revert to 8.1--you'll be able to successfully able to uninstall it.

    Steps: Revert back to 8.1, uninstall Cisco VPN client, try the upgrade again. I did it last night/this morning and it came back with full connectivity w/o issue.

    Hope this helps!

    You seem to have solved a lot of dilemmas here, so here is one for you....
    I Cant revert back to 8.1 because i cleaned system after upgrade.....which took away my option.

    what should i do?
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  6. Posts : 3
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
       03 Aug 2015 #96

    SOLVED!: My Third-Party Bit Defender Firewall Was the Culprit!!

    I hope this advice helps someone, I spent days scouring threads trying to find an answer for why my Windows 10 wireless worked flawlessly for a full 48 hours after I upgraded and then just stopped! Here's what happened to me and how I fixed it.

    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit

    Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter (Built into Motherboard)
    Netgear WNDA3100v2 N600 Wireless Network Adapter (USB Wifi Dongle)

    * Qualcomm Wifi worked flawlessly for almost 48 hours after upgrading from Win7 to Win10. No hitches.
    * On 3rd day, booted system and everything seemed normal, Wifi connected, no yellow exclamation mark. Internet detected and flowing normally according to the Qualcomm Wireless adapter... BUT!
    * All internet reliant apps not working e.g Steam, Team Viewer, Spotify, Dropbox, AV updates.
    * Go to any browser; Windows Edge, Chrome or Firefox, cannot browse to any website.
    * Checked 'Device Manager' All adapters functioning without issue. Un-installed & Re-installed all just in case.
    * Installed Netgear USB Wifi adapter to test, same symptoms (And Netgear state it's Windows 10 compatible)
    * Tried installing a Legacy Wifi adapter - still no luck.
    * Had 'Tunngle VPN' installed, other threads advised to remove any VPN's and re-install. I did this but no change.

    Just as I was signing up to this website to get some answers I thought back to what I had last installed on my PC. I had updated my Bit Defender Internet Security 2015 software just before my previous shutdown. I though maybe its firewall is up to something weird... Sure enough I turn it off and BOOM! Internet!

    * The culprit stopping my internet but causing all adapters to think I was still connected was an annoying wee setting under the advanced settings of my Bit Defender Firewall called 'Block Internet Connection Sharing', I switched this setting off and all is peaceful in the world again. (See attached screenshot - top setting)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bit Defender.jpg 
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    It maybe worth checking your firewall even if it isn't Bit Defender for a similar setting. I hope this information saves someone much frustration and wasted time.

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  7.    04 Aug 2015 #97

    I HAD internet connectivity after upgrading my Surface Pro, for at least 12 hours. I do NOT have Cisco VPN. I uninstalled some WebEx junk that I didn't realize I had on the computer, and then I also noticed under 'Notifications' that I had some kind of Cisco PowerShow power management something or other running, so I disabled it. Restarting and I now have internet access again. I suspect that the Cisco power management stuff turned off my wifi when the computer went to sleep last night, and never reenabled it, even after reboot. Not sure exactly what fixed the problem, but I once again have internet. (edit - without reverting to 8.1 or reinstalling anything, so try this first).
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  8.    04 Aug 2015 #98

    cuddyver01 said: View Post
    Orpheus...I don't have Bitdefender but use Malwarebytes..however do have Cisco VPN, installed through Win you have Cisco you didn't say one way or the other??
    I am uninstalling Cisco VPN. I am going to run CCleaner then try Windows 10 again. Let us hope that internet finally comes along with it.
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  9.    04 Aug 2015 #99

    tollbooth said: View Post
    I am uninstalling Cisco VPN. I am going to run CCleaner then try Windows 10 again. Let us hope that internet finally comes along with it.
    Yup, that did it. The internet on Windows 10 is up and running. :)
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  10.    05 Aug 2015 #100

    polo2883 said: View Post
    tried installing without docking station and same issue. Still not network connections
    Hi Everyone,

    I had this issue as well, and I wanted to post my experience solving it in the hopes that it helps another. I upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 2. Once upgraded, everything worked perfect for about a day. Then suddenly (perhaps after a reboot, not sure) I lost my internet connectivity and my bluetooth, and likely ethernet as well (I didn't test).

    Unlike some of the other posters, my Marvell AVASTAR 350N was being detected in the Device Manager, but had some kind of a problem with its driver / installation. I did a driver rollback to an older version. I was running version 14.69.24054.176 [5.23.2014]. I was able to select an older version 14.69.24054.168 [1.23.2014] and everything started working again.

    I suppose it is possible I could loose connectivity again tomorrow, but so far so good. Bluetooth also fixed with that driver change. I do NOT have any cisco VPN software installed on the machine either as many others online have mentioned.

    For an experienced computer user, this is a pretty easy fix. But I wasted 39 minutes or so online looking at solutions before I just troubleshot the thing myself. Hope this is useful to someone and saves some aggrevation.


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