My PC is a Windows 10 with 2 internal drives (C:, H:) and 2 external drives (D:, F:, G:). I have various shares setup across all the drives so I can access them remotely on our home network.

From my Android 7, using ES File Explore, I can access shares on D:, F: and G: but not H:. I eventually found a security error so I backed up the files to another external drive, reformatted drive H: and restored files. I then recreated the 3 shares.

The problem only exists when trying to access these shares from ES File Explorer on my Android 7.

I get the error message:

Login fails
This may be caused by:
- WLAN is off
- SMB server is out of network space
- The IP is invalid
- Blocked by the firewall
- SMB service is off

Since I am able to access all the other shared directories I know it is specific to just this one internal hard drive. I have no problems when I use any other Windows 10 device on our LAN or even my old iPhone (which I use like a tablet and not a phone).

I have been struggling with this problem for a VERY long time and am utterly frustrated. I really hope someone can help me.

Android 7
o/s version 6.0.1
kernel version 3.4.0-gad29d11
build MOB30X

ES File Explorer, Pro version 1.0.9

Windows 10 x64, v1607 OS Build 14393.1593
Network & Sharing Center -> Advanced sharing settings
  • Turned on network discovery, automatic
  • File & Printer sharing -> turned on
  • HomeGroup connections: allow windows

Guest or Public
  • Network discovery on (used to be off)
  • File & Printer sharing -> turned on

All Networks
  • Public -> turned on sharing
  • Media -> no options selected
  • File sharing -> use 128 bit
  • Password protected sharing -> turned off (used to be on)

Please note, on my PC:
  • I use only a local login account
  • Was Static IP but at the moment it's Dynamic

I'm not certain what other information to provide.