2 Router Profiles

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    2 Router Profiles

    I have 2 router profiles- one Private for configuring router page, printing, etc.- the other a Guest profile for intrnet surfing only.- no configuring, no printing , etc.

    both have the same ssid but different passwords.- I want to use the guest profile just for testing restriction settings for now and later for guests when visiting---

    so my question is how do I setup two network profiles for the different router profiles on a single user account.. or will I just need to setup a second user account to hold and use the guest profiles password? I'd like to use 2 network profiles using the same ssid but different passwords on a single user profile. (however when I manually setup a network connection with the other password it says. - 'the network name(ssid) is already in use. would you like to change It (no,i don't-that would change the ssid) or reset the current' (no, i don't-that would reset the first Private password to the second Guest password)... even though i'm trying to make a completely different second network profile for the guest...without getting rid of the first.
    Hop i'm explaining this correctly, any thoughts?
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    This is more for techsupport forum.
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    The Guest is exactly that. It is a Public portal that can be locked from seeing the Private side of the network and require a Passphrase if you wish. The private network is that. It does not allow for outside access through the Public side. Basically you have two WiFi connections on a single device. The better the device, the better the choice is that you can restrict guests to only use the 2.4ghz radio or have the 5ghz also available. I have never activated the Guest profile on my A/P, because there is zero reason to give someone that access.
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    I think i'm a having hardware or maybe (router firmware) to sotware(win 10) problem in syncing the two router firmware profiles with the software network profiles

    maybe a better way to explain it is... I'm trying to sync the two so I can switch between profiles on-the-fly (but can't make the second software profile) in other words I want to disconnect the main profile on the 'available networks page' and switchover and connect to the guest profile and check settings(without having to retype the two password everytime, I switch back and forth(every 5 min. or so while I check settings as this would be tedious to enter passwords every switch
    ... or maybe I'm just off my rocker and this can't be done)...yes, no, maybe so !?

    Secondly maybe it would just be easier to ask, can one computer be running as guest off the router while i'm running private off the router? bcz iswear I was running youtub vids while on private but then my cousin stops by and says' hey, its says secure 'whats your password?', so I gave him the guest password and we were both running at the same time ).me with full permissions and him restricted.) and so now I want to be able to switch myself over to guest on the fly with a click.(through the firmwares passwords saved in the network profiles.)- I don't want the standard win 10 switch to guest bcz that doesn't use a password as far as I know and isn't configureable like the router is. (my speculation) )

    GEEZ..all this and I'm not even drunk!... I better stop babbling or I might confuse the thread worse.
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    Again you have to tell your router how to allow Public to have access to the Private side. There is no syncing of the profiles, because it is how you set up to allow the VLAN that makes up the Public side, to be allowed if you wish to access the Private side. I would suggest downloading the manual on your gateway and read through it, because it will walk you through if it has the ability of letting the Public to see the Private side.

    Also your computer has zero to do with how the router is set up, unless you only connect to the Public Side and try to access the Private side, without allowing the two sides to interact.
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