Need help with a routing issue.
My current setup is I have a modem/router which is myinternet connection and is set up on the subnet. I have quite a fewcomputers on this subnet.
I have a HPE DL360p server running ESXi and have 7 virtualmachines on. One of these is a pfSense router/firewall/anti-virus. The Wan sideof this is at I also have a few other virtual machines on thisincluding an FTP server which is on the subnet.
Now the ftp box running FileZilla is fine and I can ping anyPC on the subnet and can even see the shared drives on my desktopon the other side and transfer files using file explorer.
The issue I am having is that I cannot connect to the ftpserver. I can even ping any of the computers on the subnet andthink it must be a routing issue.
So, on my Windows 10 PC I went added a manual static routevia “route add mask” as the .14 is theWAN side of the router and the router should take it from there but still getnothing. The route shows up in route print.
I am obviously missing something but can’t work out what.Any help appreciated.