Windows 10: Asus X550C always losing WIFI randomly

  1.    10 Aug 2017 #1

    Asus X550C always losing WIFI randomly

    My housemate has an issue with his Asus X550C laptop which I can't solve and it's frustrating.

    It came with Windows 8.1, and sometimes it would randomly lose internet, such as when waking up from sleep - there would be no WIFI connection. But this wasn't all the time or often.

    Since putting Windows 10 on the laptop earlier in the year, it is pretty much a daily occurrence and sometimes can't even be solved with a reboot. And then the router needs to be reset, and sometimes it will then start connecting. But being in a shared house, resetting the router for this problem is not convenient, and I'd rather get to the bottom of the issue as to why Windows 10 will not connect. It can see the access point name, but it just doesn't connect.

    The Wireless LAN is a "Qualcomm Atheros Wireless" and I've tried removing the device from Device Manager and reinstalling, I've tried some other drivers but no luck. It only seems to have started becoming a big problem since Windows 10 was installed, so I am wondering what sort of things I could look for??

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    Hi Alex.

    Go into device manager, find adapter, open properties. Click on Power Mgmt tab.

    Should be a line that says something to the effect, Allow the computer to shut this device off to save power.

    If it has a check mark, uncheck and test. If already unchecked, check it and test. (Yes this sounds weird). Use to be that if you let device power off it would not restart properly so you had to remove. Then a while back MS / vendors did something and it seemed that things worked better with the check mark install.

    Also check power levels, in advance Power Management options, to ensure they are both set to maximum.

    You may also want to try disabling IPv6 which has helped some.

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    How far away from the Wifi device is he and has he ran in the command window netsh wlan show all? It will show all access points that are polling, what channels and strength that they are.
    Get the info from netsh wlan show all. Block out the Public IP.
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    Thanks for both replies so far, I will look into these - I don't have access to the laptop right now (as it's not mine!) but I will have another look at it when I get the chance and try these suggestions.

    One thing I forgot to mention was nobody else in the house has any WIFI issues with their devices. And it's not like the X550C model is an ancient laptop with an old 802.11 B/G spec, so I can't seem to see why this particular device keeps kicking him off the WIFI.
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    Agree but it is all in the details, different radios, different drivers, different motherboards.

    Good luck.
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    I *might* have sorted it, I didn't see there was a hidden power profile for battery (it wasn't on the list, only seemed to appear when the laptop was on battery power) and it had the Wireless set to "Max power savings" so I've switched that to "Max Performance" and so far so good, but will monitor.

    I also disabled IPv6 as suggested above, so it could be something related to this too.

    I'll see how it goes for now
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    Great. Good luck.
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    I may have spoken too soon.

    Started the laptop (on battery) this morning - no WIFI and just will not connect.

    I decided to go into the event log to see if I can find anything significant around the time of it not working, and found this:

    "The Network Diagnostics Framework has completed the diagnosis phase of operation. The following repair option was offered: Helper Class Name: RNWF MSM Helper ClassRoot Cause: The capabilities of the wireless network adapter or wireless settings on this computer do not match the requirements of "BTHub5" Root Cause Guid: {8137bbfc-fdea-4822-9f62-194a005825ca} Repair option: If you set up or own this network, check to see whether you can fix the problem by changing the settings on the wireless router or access pointContact the network administrator or your hardware manufacturer for further assistance. RepairGuid: {b954d4f9-6f63-4805-b309-689031901e4f} Seconds required for repair: 300 Security context required for repair: 0Interface: WiFi ({bd4d4836-7f37-4988-b073-59d21526a45c})"

    Which makes it sound like a router problem, but no other devices have these issues. Rebooting the router each time isn't really an option, I just can't understand why this system is so problematic with the WIFI.
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    Could be but interesting that you stated it is just his device and you noticed it more since Windows 10.

    You said you tried some different drivers. This got me thinking, especially as Windows 10 has been what I will call, aggressive, in updating drivers.

    Have you tried the driver the laptop shipped with?

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