I have a fairly new Dell Precision 3620 Work Station with an i5 processor that has a catastrophic problem trying to use the internet. I can use the internet at my DSL speed of .63 Mbps for about 1 minute after I turn on the computer then the speed drops to .06 Mbps. Not just coincidentally the Ethernet performance download graph on Task Manager mysteriously goes from almost 0 Mbps to .67 Mbps after 1 minute with a duty cycle varying between 100% and occasionally dropping to .67 Mbps download periods of about 4 seconds in duration with 4 seconds of low activity between downloading periods. After this background downloading activity starts my ability to use the internet goes to almost zero. I have tried disabling OneDrive and my AVG malware protection software but it does not improve the internet performance. I am having an IT tech from the shop that sold me the computer coming to my house on Tuesday to try to diagnose the problem but I would like to know what the background downloading rate is on a few other people's Windows 10 computers for comparison. You don't have to be a reincarnation of Alan Turing to help me out. Just get into Task Manager by right clicking on your mouse while the curser / pointer is in the bottom border of the screen. Once you have the Task Manager window up click on the Performance tab near the top and then click on Ethernet to look at the graph I am interested in. Immediately after boot up with no applications running check your download and upload data rate and then again after 2 minutes. I would very interested in your results. Thank you.