Windows 10: My PC is not listed in Network

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  1.    18 Jul 2017 #1

    My PC is not listed in Network

    I have 3 computers in my home network. All computers have been working fine together for a long time sharing folders. All computers are connected to my Technicolor router and all have dynamic IP.

    Last week i got problems with my PC named "HT-PC". The other 2 computer in the Network can access each other so the router settings seems to be OK.

    The first problem was that HT-PC was not listed in Network in any computer. The HT-PC has OS windows 10. When I reinstall my LAN driver on HT-PC, it shows up in Network list on all computers but can not be accessed from the other computers. Then when i restart the HT-PC it is not listed in Network again.

    I know it was some windows update recently on my HT-PC but i donīt know if that starts the problem.

    I have Network discovery on and have same settings as the working computers. I have also disabled the firewall. All shared folders is shared to Everyone as it is on the working computers.

    I reinstalled the last version of my onboard LAN but same problem. I have seen that NetBIOS over Tcpip enabled is Off on the using Ethernet adapter (Realtek). and cannot be enabled. On my other windows10 computer it is enabled.

    Do i need NetBIOS over Tcpip enabled?

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  2.    18 Jul 2017 #2

    Hey wortex,
    The first problem was that HT-PC was not listed in Network in any computer.
    If you're running Win10 Creators Update (1703) there is a known issue with Network Discovery/Master Browser, where networked PCs don't show up. You should still be able to access your shares by \\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME or \\IP.ADDRESS\SHARENAME
    Until MS fixes the issue, there are a couple of workarounds.
    1. If You have a PRE 1703 (win7,win8,win10-1607) PC on your network. Shut down all PCs and start the PRE 1703 PC first, which should make it the Master Browser and the other PCs should show up.
    2. If you have a router with a USB port that supports file sharing (and a USB stick/drive) . Setup file sharing thru your routers admin. Shut down ALL PCs, then restart them. This should make the router the Master Browser and the other PCs should show up.
    Note: You may have to reboot router, before starting PCs.

    I reinstalled the last version of my onboard LAN but same problem. I have seen that NetBIOS over Tcpip enabled is Off on the using Ethernet adapter (Realtek). and cannot be enabled. On my other windows10 computer it is enable
    1. As a sanity check ... I would check ipconfig /all and see what it shows for NetBIOS over Tcpip.
    2. I would try an older driver for your Realtek Adapter ... from the manufactures site, Realtek (if you can find it :) ) or the MS Catalog

    Do i need NetBIOS over Tcpip enabled?.
    As far as I know ... Yes, on my PCs it's set to default.
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  3.    18 Jul 2017 #3

    Method 2 worked great for me.
    One question: now that I have my PC recognized on my Western Digital Live TV, do I need to leave the USB stick in the router, or will the Master Browser status stick without it?
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  4.    18 Jul 2017 #4

    Hey TV2,
    Yes, you have to leave USB stick connected to router. If you remove it, you turnoff file sharing on the router and the Win10 PCs will try to become the Master Browser again.
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  5.    18 Jul 2017 #5

    Now I need to find a small stick! I need that 16GB one for other things.

    The other decision tree that came up was whether to use the DLNA Media Server option, or the Samba Server option in the USB settings on the Router.
    I chose the Samba Server option because I could define the Workgroup. But is there a benefit of one over the other?
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  6.    19 Jul 2017 #6

    Hi Eagle51

    Thanks for your answear.

    I remember now that my HT-PC was not listed in the network in my HT-PC for a while but was in the Networklist om my other computers and was accessible. Then i did some changes in regedit on my HT-PC to show my computer in the networklist but i dont really remember what. I have done lot of things. I have done some chances back in regedit.

    Now the HT-PC i not accessible from the other computers but is in the networklist on the other computers.

    Today i gonna restart all computers in the network and se if it goes back to the status as before. I have been busy a lot yesterday

    NetBios is disabled when i run Ipconfig /all even if enabled in proprties.
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  7.    19 Jul 2017 #7


    Have installed an older version of my Realtek LAN driver, version: 10.8.311.2016, date: 2016-03-11 on HT-PC.
    Works fine on internet but still problem with access denied from other computers in the network.

    Still get NetBIOS over tcpip disabled from Ipconfig /all.

    NetBIOS over tcpip is enabled in properties and also in regedit in ...NetBT\Parameters\Interfaces\Tcpip {1707....} NetbiosOption = 1. I have verified correct interface by change NetBIOS Setting in WINS.

    Now the HT-PC i not visible in network list on HT-PC and not on the other computers. When i run NetBScanner HT-PC is not in the list either.

    The HT-PC has IP:

    When I ping HT-PC from my Laptop in same network i get reply both with IP address and Computername but no respons with \\ in search in Windows.

    The other computers in the network can still access each other. The HT-PC can access the other computers....does that mean that Network Discovery works oh HT-PC and there is another problem?

    What do i need to check on HT-PC to solve the problem? Which services need to running and which settings in regedit needs to be fullfilled?

    I did some changes on a couple of services ...change it to automatic from manuel.
    Could it be any service that block something when set to automatic?

    On my Laptop the NetBIOS over tcpip in enabled with Ipconfig /all.....even if default is set in properties.

    I am really confused now. Unfortunately i had my System Restored disabled.

    Thanks in advance
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  8.    19 Jul 2017 #8


    I just restarted my HT-PC and now HT-PC is showing up in netwokslist on all computers.
    When i run NetBScanner on HT-PC, the HT-PC is not showing up in the list only the 2 other computers.

    and no other dramatic changes....NetBios over tcpip is disabled with Ipconfig /all and i can still ping HT-PC from my laptop but still acess denied.

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  9.    19 Jul 2017 #9

    Hi again

    Really stranged....sometimes the HT-PC is in the network list next time not after restart.

    Last time i got these on the HT-PC:
    The HT-PC is listed in Network. When i clicked on one of my shared folders in.... HT-PC/Film i get this error message
    "The divice or resource (HT-PC) is not set up to accept connections om port "The File and printer sharing (SMB)".

    If the firewall is inactive is this ports still blocked/open?
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  10.    19 Jul 2017 #10

    dubble to remove/delete a post?
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