So recently every few days I have been losing some functionality of the internet, mainly browser functions (all three major) and a few other internet related things. I can ping and lookup and etc.

Well I narrowed it down by the Event Log Error and found out its due to the exhaustion of ports because of CLOSE_WAIT entries... I get approximately 4500 in a few days of connections not closing. Here is the kicker, its is only my Seagate Black Armor NAS's which wont close out.

So I have done the following remedies before posting. Updated NIC drivers (Have 2 Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Adapter), Also researched and did the TcpTimedWaitDelay and StrictTimeWaitSeqCheck parameters (rebooted). Restarted the Switch, The NAS's itself and ofcourse the computer in question. The only way to clear these is to disable the network adapter or to reboot. Ran server malware programs and nothing came back. But again its confined to the NAS's so I doubt its a virus.

No other computer or laptop on the network suffer this even with the NAS attached to them. There is nothing specific in the NAS's to just call out the one computer...

Any suggestions would be amazing!

Thank you!