Windows 10 Wi-fi keeps Failing Solved

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    windows 10 home

    Windows 10 Wi-fi keeps Failing

    I have a HP Desktop running Windows 10 home. It is 8 months old and in the last few weeks my wifi signal has been dropping out on a regular basis. I moved the router closer, so it is within 5 metres of the desktop,although not in line of sight. However,a laptop,android phones and kindle operate fine in the same position as the desktop using the same wireless signal. I have done searches online for this problem and have done updates on windows and drivers. I have been using SetupVPN and wonder if this is the problem although i have been using it since I bought the pc and only recently,it's started dropping out. I have uninstalled SetupVPN and it doesn't change the problem. Any help would be very much appreciated
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809

    Hi aybsee. Welcome to the TenForums @aybsee

    You didn't say if you made any hardware changes like supper large HDD or Video cards, have you?

    First lets start with power management. In your Advance Power management settings there is a heading for Wireless. Please ensure it is set to maximum.

    Next open device manager and find your network adapter. Right click and then click properties. There should be a power management tab. Now this is going to sound a little crazy but things are changing.

    If there is a check mark beside "Allow this computer to off device to save power" remove it and see if this corrects situation. This was a standard fix up until a month ago.

    That said it now seems MS and suppliers have figured out how to make this work so if there is NO check mark install one and test.

    If neither of these fixes work I would recommend you try using an older driver. One ffrom your manufacturer. Check version in device manager before you install and then after you install older version to ensure it took. Test. If it works then we will have to tell MS to lay off updating drivers.

    You didn't mention, which band are you using 2.4 or 5?

    One last thing you could try is disabling IPv6 assuming you are not using Homegroups.

    Links to turn on and off included in support article.

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    windows 10 home
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    Hi Ken
    Thank you for your response and advice
    I have made no changes to the hardware since purchase.
    As my knowledge is limited,could you please point me in the direction of the advanced power management settings as i am unable to locate them myself.
    I have however located the device manager and have unchecked "Allow this computer to off device to save power" as requested.
    Again i am unsure about which drivers you refer to in relation to reverting to an older driver. My guess is the wireless driver? which is a Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn wi-fi adaptor. Can i get the older version from Realtek or elsewhere?
    I am also unsure of which band i am using. 2.4 or 5. Where will I find this info?
    I have disabled ipv6 as requested using the link you provided.
    Thanks, I await your comments

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    i have the same problem, i use the internet perfectly then suddenly the wifi signal turn to 3 arcs then 2 and sometimes 1 and i get yellow error icon on it. 30 seconds later it reconnects. its really annoying
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809

    Advance Power Mgmt Click Start=> Settings=>System=>Power and Sleep

    Off to right additional power settings=>Blue link beside the plan you are using "Change Plan Settings"

    Next screen blue link "Change advance Power Settings, in window that open "Wireless Adapter Settings.

    Windows is now designed to provide you with updated drivers. Sometimes this can cause issues. If Windows update it will be in your Update History. Yes, head to vendor and get driver.

    Lets skip band for now. If your router isn't dual band then it is likely 2.4.

    The goal was not to change quite so much at once, no real harm done, but hard to id what fixed it (Hoping it got fixed.)

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809

    Syrioust please start a new thread. It just gets way to confusing on one.

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    i will follow this thread for now, if i cant get it to work ill start a new thread. sorry for bothering
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    windows 10 home
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    Hi Ken,
    Thank you again for your advice. I followed your instructions and reset the Advance Power management settings to maximum,then d/l the older version of the driver,which i then installed.
    I now have what appears to be a fully operational wi-fi and although it has only been an hour or so,the signal has not dropped out once which is something that hasn't happened for a few weeks.
    Do I need to do any further work?
    I await your comments
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  9. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809

    Unfortunately yes.

    Keep that driver file safe, some where in your backup path.

    Windows is going to update the driver again unless you stop it and then at every major update, like Creators, it is going to update it.

    You likely can enable IPv6.

    I think this process will work in v1607. (Mixed messages, it worked on my 1607 before update.)

    Windows + R keys
    Enter Sysdm.cpl
    Click on Hardware tab
    Click on Device Installation Settings
    Click on No
    A menu appears (first time) click Never Install driver software.
    You may get a warning. Click the option that says I’ll take care of it (not exact words)


    EDIT 1:

    I found this article and this is what I'm using in 1703. It must be working as my Wi-Fi card requires an ancient driver and I know there are updates, I get one ever major update.

    In the article quite a ways down there is a link labelled “Disable Automatic Driver Updates Hacks”
    This downloads a a zip file with two registry hacks. Read the paragraph above the link. I used the hack on my V1703 (Creators). Likely have to run Hack after each major update, Anniversary, Creator, XXXX.
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    windows 10 home
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    I have followed your instructions and have enabled ipv6 as well as checked Never Install driver software.
    I am now going to read my way thru the info you supplied and follow that too.
    If that is all i will now sign off and once more,thank you for you prompt and concise help.
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